10 Weird Phobias that People Do Suffer From

It is understandable and explicable why many people are afraid of snakes, spiders or height. But sometimes there are very weird phobias – like the fear of buttons or balloons – but it is not

Nyctophobia – A Monster Hiding in the Dark

A well-known fact is that fears affect all age groups regardless social status and life experience. However, specialists proved that certain phobias are more common in childhood. Nyctophobia or the fear of the dark takes

Xenophobia as a Negative Social Phenomenon

What is xenophobia? It is rather difficult to answer this question since this phenomenon has many aspects. But, to make a long story shorter, xenophobia is the fear of strangers or foreigners (representatives of alien

Hydrophobia or Fear of Water

Hydrophobia is the fear of water or pathological fear of water spaces. It is necessary to distinguish whether the disease has psychic nature or it is a symptom of rabies. As a rule, people with

Social Phobia: Ways of Overcoming Social Fear

Every person experiences some anxiety while going through a job interview or making an important phone call. However, there are people who fear that they have to face such situations. Often people suffering from social