The Choleric Personality Type: Definition & Features

What does choleric mean? Choleric temperament has a lot of energy. If this person has a goal, he immediately does everything in order to achieve it and stopping him is almost impossible. While melancholic thinks

Temperament and Its Four Types

What is temperament? Temperament is a set of individual human peculiarities that characterize the emotional and dynamic aspect of a person’s activity (mental activity and behavior). The individual properties and features of temperament may foster or

The Melancholic Personality Type: Definition & Features

Thanks to this temperament, we can enjoy masterpieces of literature, poetry, and music. Traits of melancholic temperaments are interesting – people are intelligent and talented. Peculiarities of this personality type brought refinement and sophistication into

The Sanguine Personality Type: Am I Sanguine?

What Does Sanguine Mean? People who belong to the “sanguine” temperament type are resistant to various psychological stress. Even in a stressful situation, they can control emotions and feelings and act calmly. They easily adapt

The Phlegmatic Personality Type: What to Expect?

What does phlegmatic mean? A phlegmatic person can be easily found in a crowd. The major traits of this personality type are seriousness and modesty. He always tries to avoid disputes, quarrels, and scandals. Therefore,

Jobs for Introverts – Make the Right Choice

What is profession or job perfect for an introvert when a person tries to minimize contacts with people or does not want to work in a team? We will discuss it in this article. Explore

Being an Introvert: What Kind of Introvert Are You?

An introvert – is a person, that changes the world in silence. Carl Gustav Jung started to divide people into extroverts and introverts according to their temperament, behavior, and interaction with the outside world. Then, introverts

How to Overcome Depression – 12 Interesting Ways

You have to cope with depression now and defeat it completely and for good! But how to overcome depression? This article will help you. You can’t afford to losing time anymore. You can’t let depression take

Stress Relief Videos! Take a Tissue

The scientists have proven that women tend to experience stress less and get rid of it quickly because they cry at least every two weeks! “No woman, no cry” – is wrong. Here is a collection