The Choleric Personality Type: Definition & Features

What does choleric mean? Choleric temperament has a lot of energy. If this person has a goal, he immediately does everything in order to achieve it and stopping him is almost impossible. While melancholic thinks

Temperament and Its Four Types

What is temperament? Temperament is a set of individual human peculiarities that characterize the emotional and dynamic aspect of a person’s activity (mental activity and behavior). The individual properties and features of temperament may foster or

The Melancholic Personality Type: Definition & Features

Thanks to this temperament, we can enjoy masterpieces of literature, poetry, and music. Traits of melancholic temperaments are interesting – people are intelligent and talented. Peculiarities of this personality type brought refinement and sophistication into

The Sanguine Personality Type: Am I Sanguine?

What Does Sanguine Mean? People who belong to the “sanguine” temperament type are resistant to various psychological stress. Even in a stressful situation, they can control emotions and feelings and act calmly. They easily adapt

The Phlegmatic Personality Type: What to Expect?

What does phlegmatic mean? A phlegmatic person can be easily found in a crowd. The major traits of this personality type are seriousness and modesty. He always tries to avoid disputes, quarrels, and scandals. Therefore,

Jobs for Introverts – Make the Right Choice

What is profession or job perfect for an introvert when a person tries to minimize contacts with people or does not want to work in a team? We will discuss it in this article. Explore

Being an Introvert: What Kind of Introvert Are You?

An introvert – is a person, that changes the world in silence. Carl Gustav Jung started to divide people into extroverts and introverts according to their temperament, behavior, and interaction with the outside world. Then, introverts