Robin Williams and Manic Depression: Bipolar Disorder Doesn’t Choose

We bet everyone was shocked to find out that one of America’s most beloved funnymen had hung himself. And if you have suffered from depression – the news should have been even more disturbing. It

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Depression is something more than sadness and bad mood for a couple of days. It is a serious disease. While you are depressed, sadness, anxiety, the feeling of inner emptiness and worthlessness don’t go away

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So, what causes depression? This article will help you to answer this question. Explore possible major depressive disorder symptoms and signs. No single root cause for MDD has been identified. We can distinguish three types

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis Major depressive disorder may be diagnosed when a person sees his or her doctor with complaints about mood, changes in appetite or sleeping problems, and different symptoms recognized as signs of

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Depression has many different variations and how it goes depends on individuals. All the types of depression have its own symptoms, causes, and effects. Learn about different types of depression and you will be aware

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Most people experience sadness in their lives. Sometimes it happens that depressed mood lasts for a long period of time and does not allow you enjoy life. In such cases, we deal with “depression” and

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For a long period, it was believed that men are not prone to depression. Only women are at high risk to develop depression. But scientists in the field of medicine and psychology have proved due