Relaxation Techniques That Really Do Work for Anxious Children and Teens

Struggling with anxiety? You’re not alone. Let’s be honest: everyone feels stressed, overwhelmed, worried or anxious from time to time. Whether you’re an adolescent or teenager living with long-term anxiety, or a parent looking for

How to Deal with Teenage Depression: Getting Professional Help

Depression is one of the most negative experiences anyone has to go through or live with. Millions of people deal with this painful feeling every day. Hope is on the horizon as counselors, medications and

Experiencing Depression During Substance Abuse Treatment: What Can Be Done?

Making the decision to seek treatment for substance abuse is the first step toward regaining control of your life and putting the past where it belongs. While it will take a lot of hard work,

Learning Your Options for Better Mental Health

Depression affects millions of Americans each year. People with this disorder may suffer periodic or seasonal bouts or experience chronic symptoms that require aggressive treatment. Because of public awareness campaigns, a depression diagnosis no longer carries

5 Ways to Cope With Depression During Recovery

It would be nice if life after addiction was always rosy, but the truth is that everyone encounters experiences that are challenging to overcome. Depression is one of these common challenges that pose a threat

Overcoming Teen Depression

Depression happens in all walks and ages of life. No matter if you’re a man or woman, different race or financial status depression can occur to anyone. Depression can begin at any phase in life,

Neurotransmitters – Why Our World Would End If They Disappeared?

The human body is like a super sensitive apparatus. It is undoubtedly the most uniquely designed bio-computer, where millions of processes take place. These processes are called biochemical processes. This article is devoted to neurotransmitters.

MAOI – What Everybody Ought to Know About MAOI

MAO or monoamine oxidase – is a ferment found in the gastrointestinal tract. MAO help to break up all the substances that our organisms get with food. MAO inhibitors are being effectively used for treating

How to Overcome Depression – 12 Interesting Ways

You have to cope with depression now and defeat it completely and for good! But how to overcome depression? This article will help you. You can’t afford to losing time anymore. You can’t let depression take

Norepinephrine – Will It Change Your Life for the Better?

Norepinephrine was first discovered in 1946 by a Swedish biologist Ulf von Euler. And for that, he won a Nobel Prize. Norepinephrine (formerly called noradrenaline) is an excitatory neurotransmitter that is responsible for stimulatory processes