Personality Disorders – Causes, Symptoms by Type, Treatment

A personality disorder (the obsolete term is psychopathy) is a mental disorder, which is characterized by unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior. A person suffering from a personality disorder faces difficulties with perception and attitude

What is Depersonalization – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Depersonalization is a disorder, in which normal perception of oneself and the outside world is violated. Human consciousness splits in some way: one part of personality becomes a witness, another part experiences discomfort and panic

Sadness – How to Get Rid of Sadness and Sorrow

Sometimes each of us experience sorrow, melancholy, sadness and gloom – it is normal for our psyche, but if such feelings take control over our lives and other emotions, we must first think about the

Loss of Appetite – 10 Natural Remedies to Increase Appetite

Appetite is the emotional expression of the needs and inclinations of the human and his body to certain foods. Loss of appetite is when a person has no desire to eat. In medicine, there are

Serotonin Syndrome: What is it? Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Serotonin Syndrome is described by many therapists as pathology caused by nervous fatigue. When the patients hear this diagnosis they just go to the pharmacist and ask for the more powerful sedative. This kind of

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – Why PTSD is Like a School Bully

It is okay when after experiencing or witnessing a terrible event, where serious physical harm took place, people are filled with intense fear, shock, anxiety, sadness and even guilt. Usually, in time people get better.

Irritability: Have You Noticed Tension in Your Behavior?

Each of us has met people who excessively react to simple everyday troubles. And sometimes we also splash out a bunch of negative emotions on some minor point. Then we say to yourself – “I’m

PMS Help! What is Premenstrual Syndrome in Symptoms?

When your angel is a monster So you think that your woman is actually that nagging, irritated, vulnerable, wild and evil creature? Yes, she really is! But you have to know immediately – it’s out

Stress Causes and Symptoms, Sure Ways to Relieve Stress!

What is stress? Absolutely any person, animal, and even the simplest living body are affected by stress. Joyful and sad events are equally significant for a man in terms of stress factors. In general, there

Understanding Grief – The Five Stages of Grief

What is Grief? Grief is the inevitable feeling that accompanies any bereavement. And no matter what was the source of grief and what is the power of our feelings we have to experience, we have