8 Helpful Books About Depression

There are lots of books about depression in the market and they can belong to various genres. Some of them describe the real stories and battles with depression of real people, famous usually, so that

11 Famous People With Depression: Comedians Included

Late autumn is a depressive season. Statistics indicates that 65 percent of people are liable to seasonal depression this cold, gloomy time of the year. And for those who suffer from chronic depression, it’s even harder.

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Motivation is a great power! I think it really helps us to wake up early in the morning, not to give up when you go through really hard time, and, of course, to get rid of

How to Help Someone with Depression – 7 Ways to Help Your Loved One

It is wonderful when a person realizes that he is depressed and he understands that there is nothing good for him and he wants to beat depression. But unfortunately, few people are able to cope

How to Deal with Depression – 8 Strategies of Overcoming Depression

One important thing you should understand is that depression is a serious disease which destroys you gradually. Depression absorbs your energy, hope, desire and drive, and it is rather complicated to do something in order

Depression Quotes: Motivational Words That Will Help You Out

WHO has conducted a research that revealed: there are about 121 million people suffering from depression all over the world. It is obvious and this statistics implies that many people suffer from depression and today

DBSA: Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – I’m Here

What should you know about DBSA? The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) (formerly the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association or NDMDA) is the leading peer-directed non-profit national organization which helps people suffering from

10 Motivational Videos to Trigger Your Inner Fighter

Motivational videos can be a wonderful, free method to get you cheered up and ready for action. By watching motivational videos, you can find some strength and will to start doing something really special. All you

10 Inspiring Books to Read In Silence

However, you can cope with depression and bad mood by eating chocolate or drinking spirits but it is healthier to read a good book. It is an excellent way to experience and go through someone’s