What To Do After a Panic Attack

what to do after a panic attack

If you suffer from anxiety, you are not alone. There are millions out there who have panic or anxiety attacks each day, and while it may be daunting and uncomfortable, there are ways to how you can keep a happy face and choose to get up after. Read on as I show you what to do after a panic attack and how to overcome it with positivity.what to do after a panic attack - an attack at work

What To Do After a Panic Attack

header 1 Breathing Exercises

One of the symptoms of a panic attack would be the inability to breathe and relax. Focus on your breathing and take slow, deep breaths, rather than rapid and fast ones. Stop whatever you are doing and go for deep breathing, inhaling through your nose and holding it for a moment or two. Exhale through your mouth slowly and until no air comes out. Repeat this until you can feel calm and relaxed.

header 2 Positive Self-Talk Is Key

Panic attacks would leave you worried and fearful throughout the day, and it will leave an impact. But once the attack dies down, avoid going back to your triggers and take a few minutes to overcome the negative thoughts first. Affirm yourself and think empowering thoughts, complimenting yourself and your capabilities. Forgive yourself, do not blame, and learn to move on with the day.

header 3 Get Support From a Loved One

what to do after a panic attack - getting supportAfter you have calmed yourself down, you may want to talk to someone you trust to rant or just to chat and distract yourself. Talking to someone you love and trust will have you feel better and decrease the fear and anxiety.

header 4 Focus on Something Else

Once you are aware and the panic attack is gone, then focus on what keeps you at peace. Do what you enjoy or write it down. Even planning a future trip or thinking about the past will help you out. You may want to take a quiet walk to clear your mind.what to do after a panic attack - walking in a meadow

header 5 Know Your Triggers to Avoid Them

Your triggers can range from problems with car maintenance or a stressful person from work. No matter what or who it is, be aware of what triggered the attack and learn to avoid or get through it through positive thinking and planning.

In Conclusion

For those who have panic attacks, it’s best to follow these tips. While they may not fully help you overcome the attacks forever, you’ll be able to get up and move forward, which brings you closer towards recovery and happiness.

I hope that these tips on what to do after a panic attack helped you out! If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences when dealing with a panic attack, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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