10 Weird Phobias that People Do Suffer From

10 Weird Phobias that People Do Suffer from

It is understandable and explicable why many people are afraid of snakes, spiders or height. But sometimes there are very weird phobias – like the fear of buttons or balloons – but it is not so funny for those who suffer from them.

A phobia is irrational, intense and constant fear of certain situations, actions, people or objects. A stimulus or dangerous situation causes fear, but often this fear can not be explained logically.

The American Psychological Association assures that phobias are common affect 11% of people on Earth.

Unusual and weird phobias are thousands in the world, we will tell about 10 widespread and amazing, but quite serious ones.

List of weird phobias:

header-1 Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing, swimming, washing or cleaning.

This phobia often affects women and children. Most of them are able to take a bath only in extreme cases. It is important to note that ablutophobia is difficult to diagnose in children since many of them do not like taking baths. Like all other phobias, this fear is usually associated with traumatic events during childhood. Later on, this fear may lead to serious consequences since the lack of hygiene can lead to difficulties in communication and diseases. In order to get rid of this situational phobia, common methods of treatment and cognitive-behavioral therapy are used.


header-2 Caligynephobia

Caligynephobia is the fear of pretty and gorgeous women. It is a form of gynophobia, the general fear of women. This form makes a person be afraid of the best representatives of the fair sex. This phobia may be socially dangerous for a person. Symptoms include shortness of breath and dyspnea, irregular heartbeat, nausea, sweating, panic attacks and, of course, the feeling of fear. Caligynephobia mostly occurs in men but teenagers and women may suffer from it as well. Systematic desensitization and cognitive-behavioral therapy are used in the treatment of this disorder.

header-3 Anglophobia

Anglophobia is the fear of England and its culture. It turned out that people are afraid of not only events and other people but also entire countries. This phobia includes fear of all English. Even the term makes an attempt to discriminate the English people but it is wrong. Anglophobia is a real disorder, which also can be traced historically. In 2005, researchers from Glasgow found out that the patient’s condition significantly improves when he deals with the frightening country. Thus, an English friend and chat with him greatly reduce the chances of anglophobia. Regarding the discrimination against the Englishmen, it is sufficient to note the following case – one of the engineers in Dublin received 20 thousand pounds in 2008 as compensation for discrimination as he was an Englishman.


header-4 Spectrophobia

Spectrophobia is the fear of ghosts and mirrors. People with this disorder fear any reflections and ghosts. Indeed, ghosts are unpleasant for many of us but people with this disorder may believe that it is the creation of a powerful black magic that looking for an opportunity to steal the soul or life. Like in most people with a particular phobia, a mental or physical trauma in life may cause this phobia. Usually, this experience can be linked with ghosts or unexplained phenomena. Symptoms can range from mild and unpleasant feelings to anxiety and even panic attacks. It is a rare disease, however, the person himself can find it since anyone can feel how this fear interferes with his life. Traditional talk therapy, self-hypnosis, support groups and methods of relaxation are used in treatment.


header-5 Dendrophobia

Dendrophobia is the fear of wood, forests, and trees. This fear of trees or forests is common. One of the problems when dealing with this phobia is that patients hide this disorder because of the fear to be insulted. People with this phobia experience fear in the midst of a dense forest. They begin to feel trapped and experience suffocation, panic attacks, anxiety. As you understand, it is difficult to avoid trees. Other symptoms of the disorder may include shortness of breath, sweating, irregular heartbeat, nausea. There are many cases when patients perceive trees as the creatures of darkness and evil. In order to get rid of the phobia, drugs and cognitive-behavioral therapy are used. Being on the list of the weird phobias, dendrophobia is related to the basic instincts and to the time, when the forest was a place, where you could easily get lost forever or get killed by the wild animals.


header-6 Chorophobia

Chorophobia is the fear of dancing. This phobia is defined as an illogical fear of dancing moves. A person is afraid that he will have to dance with someone. This phobia is associated with social problems – shyness and the fear of crowds. Symptoms include shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, nausea, sweating and panic attacks. Individual therapy and hypnosis are considered to be effective. Many people suffering from this phobia hire a personal trainer so they can fully entrust their fears. He will help the person with this unusual phobia to get rid of unconfidence and improve dancing skills.


header-7 Homichlophobia

Homichlophobia is the fear of fog. This is fear of a natural phenomenon. This disorder can cause severe panic attacks. Some individuals escape from fog and move to those places which characterized by the absence of rain and low humidity. People with this phobia possess highly developed imagination: they see terrible visions in the foggy area. Some may see even deep tunnels experiencing the feeling of fear. This phobia is quite common, people suffering from this phobia live in 67 countries worldwide. Cognitive techniques are used in the treatment of this fear. Behavioral therapy is beneficial as well.


header-8 Cypridophobia

Cypridophobia is the fear of prostitutes or venereal diseases. This fear is also irrational. The phobia has existed for several generations. People with this phobia have a deadly fear of sexually transmitted diseases. This disorder is serious – patients with it experience the feeling of fear and panic attacks, shiver and anxiety. Patients often suffer from insomnia and develop depression. Cypridofobiya can lead to a loss of interest in any sexual relations and isolation from people of the opposite sex.


header-9 Nyctophobia

Nyctophobia is the fear of the dark. This disease is characterized by strong fear of the dark. It is usually associated with children but adults suffering from this disorder can be found as well. Many of them hide their fear from others and from themselves. This phobia is so destructive that the person is paralyzed and hospitalization is required. Patients who experience uncontrolled fear have terrible pictures of what may happen in the dark. Today, there is not much information about this mental disorder but it is believed that TV shows, horror movies, and bizarre stories may cause such fears in children. Patients experience psychological and physical symptoms. They may suffer from chest pain, dyspnea, and discomfort, dizziness and loss of reality, as well as trembling and sweating. People suffering from this phobia experience difficulties with sleeping and suffer from insomnia. Psychotherapy is one of the effective methods of treatment; other methods also include desensitization and exposure to the panic stimulant. In order to solve the problem, psychologists often try to bring a person back into his past and understand – what caused the fear? When did it appear and which feelings were experienced? The person can adjust his memories and imagine the happy end – illumination of the room and the appearance of family members. Fear of the dark is often associated with loneliness, in such cases, it is advisable to listen to music or to have a pet. Some doctors also believe that the development of fear of the dark occurs because of the lack of minerals in the body, which maintain a normal emotional state. Doctors recommend to boost nutrition and go for a walk.


header-10 Methyphobia

Methyphobia is the fear of alcoholIn this case, the person experiences a rather intense and irrational fear of alcohol. People suffering from this phobia not only avoid the consumption of alcohol but also people who consume spirits. Such people detest any situation where alcohol takes place – weddings, family celebrations and other holidays. Usually, people with this phobia received some trauma associated with alcohol consumption. It is possible that one of the parents consumed alcohol or the person has personal unpleasant experience. There are many different symptoms of this mental disorder. Some people quickly and often sweat while others experience severe anxiety and panic attacks. One may experience dry mouth, numbness, dizziness, trembling and increased heart rate, loss of control and the feeling that death is coming. The person himself understands that he has problems. It can be treated using behavioral and cognitive therapies. Basically, the person is told that he doesn’t have to drink alcohol but others decide themselves whether to drink or not.

fear of alcohol

So, you got acquainted with 10 weird phobias. But you should remember that there are many phobias that can amaze and surprise you. These weird phobias are however the part of somebody’s life and these weird phobias may be the challenging aspect for the real people.

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