5 Reasons Why Running Improves Your Mood

running improves your mood

Everyone knows how hard it can be to motivate yourself to go for a run and most of us face that problem when they just start performing cardio. It’s really not so easy to keep a regular breathing rhythm and forget about pain under the ribs that can emerge while you`re running. And because of that so often all your attempts to fit a new habit into your busy schedule end in the near future. But maybe you`ll be able to get over yourself and stick it out when you find out 5 reasons why running is good not only for your body, but for your mood as well.

header 1 Running Helps To Manage Stress

Have you already heard about the beneficial impact of a cardio activity on stress management? Of course, you`ve heard! But a recent study out of Brigham Young University proves that running can actually alleviate stress and, moreover, can help people with negative effects that stress has on the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. So when you’re running, your body temperature and blood circulation in your brain increase and, thus, your body`s reactivity to stress gets better. And the regular cardio helps your body adept at handling stress. But don`t forget to invest in good running shoes like here http://thecrossfitshoes.com/asics-gel-kayano-24-review to avoid pain in your feet after the running exercise!running improves your mood - people on a bridge

header 2 Running Makes Happier

You should know that running causes some chemical changes in your body. This exercise makes you happy because it balances adrenaline and cortisol (well-known stress hormones) with the production of endorphins (this hormone is considered a natural mood enhancer and painkiller). The increased level of running endorphins in the body creates the feeling of relaxation and optimism after the cardio activity. By the way, endorphins can also work like antidepressants, but without any unwanted and harmful side effects on the body.

header 3 Running Builds Self-Esteem

It doesn’t really matter what form of exercise you`re performing, any sports activity can immediately make you feel much more self-confident because this is a great opportunity to test your own endurance, power and motivation. Expressing the conviction in your physical health helps you boost your mood and makes you feel more capable of setting new goals. When other people also notice some positive changes in your physical form, this leads to the improvement in your self-esteem and better socialization.smiling running girl

header 4 Running Enhances Flow Of Oxygen In The Body

As you know, your muscles necessarily need a sufficient amount of oxygen. By running regularly, your heart and lungs pump oxygen-enriched blood to your functioning muscles. As a result, you feel energized and charged up. In addition, with an increased amount of oxygen in the body, your brain starts to function at a higher level.

header 5 Running Encourages Healthy Eating

No one would argue that food and mood are interlinked and interdependent. Many runners realize that they need a healthy diet to have a fully functioning body. Thus, if you start cardio, you commonly review your eating habits and include more vitamins, minerals and acids in your nutrition to be healthy. When you perform a cardio activity and practice a healthy diet, in such a way you try to regulate a blood sugar level and gain the antioxidants your body needs to grow stronger. At the same time, a balanced diet helps your body provide serotonin, this is a hormone that makes you feel happy and calm.running improves your mood - people running

As you see, running is really useful not only for your body, but also this type of exercise can influence your mood or, more precisely, improve it! At the very least, you have 5 reasons why you should support the running habit. Well, if you want to avoid depression, reduce stress and always be in high spirits, try to go for a run regularly. It’s really worth it!

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