5 Ways to Make Your Child More Aware of Their Mental Health

Mental health awareness has increased over recent years. Now that people are more aware of the impact mental health illnesses can have on someone’s life, they are doing what they can to look after their own minds and support others who are open about their condition. However, it is important to remember that mental health issues don’t only affect adults; children can be affected too. If you have a child, making them aware of the importance of looking after their mental health and looking out for others will benefit them in many ways. To help you, here are 5 top tips.

Experiment with Learning Methods

There are a number of different methods to teach your child about mental health and make them better at telling you about their own. For example, the ‘emotional volcano’ method is a technique that has been designed to explain to children that everyone will feel differently throughout their day. When these feelings aren’t expressed, the volcano will eventually erupt and hurt people around them.

Try Hard to Communicate5 Ways to Make Your Child More Aware of Their Mental Health

Being open with and talking to your children is a great way to help you understand their mental health and make them aware of the way it could impact their lives. The words you use alongside monitoring their facial impressions to situations will help see when something is affecting them, so you can avoid it in future, and may improve how comfortable they feel about expressing their feelings to you.

Set a Good Example

As a parent, it is important that you are mindful of your own habits and you teach by example. Managing their screen time, sleep schedules and diet will have a huge impact on their mood, health and behavior. It is important to set an example when it comes to encouraging sensible habits. You should also try to share your vulnerabilities, as this may make your kids more open to discussing theirs.

Teach Them Mindfulness Techniques5 Ways to Make Your Child More Aware of Their Mental Health

Teaching your children mindfulness techniques isn’t only good for their mental health and raising awareness, but it may also benefit the way they deal with problems in the future. Meditation, yoga and making your child aware of how to use their words and how the things they say impact others can improve the way your child behaves in a social setting and can help them cope with certain pressures.

Inspire Them to Journal5 Ways to Make Your Child More Aware of Their Mental Health

Research shows that keeping a journal may reduce levels of stress and could help young people manage their depression and anxiety. If your child suffers from a mental health problem due to bullying, trauma or a life-changing medical condition, then keeping a journal may be a good way to process these issues and develop confidence, especially if they openly share their records with you.

Making your child aware of mental health illness will protect them and others from this invisible health condition. You just need to go about it in the right way in order to help your child fully understand without becoming frightened or insensitive about it.

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