8 Helpful Books About Depression

8 Helpful Books About Depression
8 Helpful Books About Depression

There are lots of books about depression in the market and they can belong to various genres. Some of them describe the real stories and battles with depression of real people, famous usually, so that you could understand that we are all humans and nothing human is alien to us. These are biographies and autobiographies. Other books about depression represent some kind of pieces of advice. They are written by phycologists and psychiatrists or other human beings who have successfully bit the “black dog” (as Winston Churchill called depression).

So if you are interested in the topic, these books about depression are must read.

header-1 “Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness” by William Styron

Books About Depression 1

In 1985, William Styron arrived in Paris to accept a prestigious writing award. But instead, he had a breakdown. Darkness Visible is the most personal writer’s work of art where he astonishes with a striking description of deep sufferings from depression. This is one of those books about depression which is written for those who still wanders in the “dark forest” to help them see and understand that this condition has one interesting peculiarity – it can be fought and dealt with.

This work is a sophisticated imitation of the classic psychological novel, an imitation where the motives of parables, absurd realism and “magic realism” are woven into a strange knot.

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header-2 “The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression” by Andrew Solomon

Books About Depression 2

This book about depression attempts to embrace historical and geographical zones for this psychological condition. Sometimes you may think that depression is a problem of modern western middle-class society. But this image is created because it is this environment where we started to see clearly, to recognize depression. We were able to name it, to find the ways to treat it and to deal with it like with a fact. It is the environment, not the right to feel depressed.

There are no books about depression that would be capable of embracing all the specters of human sorrows, and this book should help you to release your psychological enemy. No one will ever be able to destroy all bad emotions and feelings and even fight with depression won’t guarantee you everlasting happiness, but we hope that the information you will find in this book will relieve your pain and sufferings.

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header-3 “Prozac Nation” by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Books About Depression 3

A disturbing story of failures, suicide attempts, drug treatment, and an eventual return to a full-blown living, this touching and often funny book reveals the high percentage of youth suffering from depression. This is a kind of a group cry for help from those who have been born in the culture of divorce, economic instability, and AIDS. This is a profoundly personal story of a young girl whose mood is almost living its own life, swinging up and down like a musical piece.

Some critics say that this book about depression is a little bit hedonistic, but Wurtzel described a strong representation of the problem – a truthful one, and she also questions medication in America.

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header-4 “Girl, Interrupted” by Susanna Kaysen

Books About Depression 4This is the story of Susanna Kaysen, an eighteen-year-old girl, who has been sent to the psychiatric hospital after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. She makes friends with other patients, including an aggressive sociopath Lisa…

The former patient of psychiatric hospital shares her memories. This brilliant illustration of “parallel universe” with the changing world of 60-s in the background. This is a sharp and truthful testimony, that allows peeking at both sanity and insanity, the psychological condition and its causes. Angelina Jolie, who played in the movie, won the Oscar and the Golden Globe.

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header-5 “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath

Books About Depression 5Sylvia Plath became famous after her death. In 1963, this talented writer, the wife of the famous English poet and the mother of two committed a suicide. The Bell Jar is the classic of American literature. Sylvia Plath shares her sincere story of mental hardships and battles with depression as well as resourceful ways to end this life. And then she returns to reality…

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header-6 “What to Do When Someone You Love Is Depressed” by Mitch and Susan K. Golant

Books About Depression 6

Depression is one of the most widespread diseases. How should you behave yourself and what should you do if someone you love suffers from depression and you want to help? Mitch and Susan wrote the book, which they called a practical guide.

The book answers many questions: how to know that this is a depression; how to distinguish depression and merely melancholy; how to speak with a depressed person to breathe life and hope into him; how to come up from this situation unharmed and prevent your closed one from being soaked into the condition. What are the methods of treatment and how to chose what is best for your suffering friend? These and other questions are answered in the book.

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header-7 “The Mindful Way Through Depression” by Mark Williams, John D. Teasdale, Zindel V. Segal, Jon Kabat-Zinn

Books About Depression 7

Have you ever suffered from depression? If the answer is “yes” then you know that all the efforts to heal yourself with the help of mind and to beat bad mood – everything leads to the severe stages of depression, accompanied by the feeling of shame and desperation. This book is written by four experts in psychology, and they explain why all this happens, based on cognitive therapy and eastern traditions of meditation. They also offer a very simple and efficient method of fighting depression. The basic rule of this new method is to treat the most difficult emotional experience with attention. This will help you to break the chains of chronic unsatisfaction with you and/or your life once and for all.

A CD with meditation instruction is included.

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header-8 “More Than Moody” by Harold Koplewicz

Books About Depression 8Harold Koplewicz is a child and adolescent psychiatrists. He explains the warning signs, risk factors, and major symptoms that give important clues about depression. He also presents a variety of treatment ways, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants and other popular non-pharmaceutical approaches such as cognitive behavior therapy. The book consists not only from these pieces of advice but also from real stories from real people.

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In conclusion to the books about depression…

Remember that all the books you read can provide a real help for those who is feeling lost and forgotten. But they will also be a great source of information for those who want to broaden the horizons in psychology and human behaviour. We hope you liked this list of books about depression and found it really helpful.


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