8 Smart Ways To Beat Physical Signs Of Depression

8 Smart Ways To Beat Physical Signs Of Depression. Depressed woman

Being depressed is the feeling of utter helplessness. Yet, no more how helpless you feel, you should know that you can still do things to improve the situation. There is a lot through which you can easily fight back. Many of us feel lonely, sad or depressed at one phase of life or the other. It’s a usual reaction to failure, rejection or heartbreak. However, when these feelings last for prolonged time, they will cause physical symptoms as well.

Depression – A State Of Discouragement:

When physical signs of depression start appearing on your face and body, that is when loved ones, friends and colleagues start worrying. Depressed people mostly avoid seeking medical help or aid of therapies.

If you want to get better, you need to see a healthy image of yourself in the mirror every morning. You must find the strong will and mental strength to fight back the parasites infecting your mental state. Once you have countered the physical symptoms, you will be motivated to bring inner change as well.

Common symptoms of depression:

Depression exhibits itself in various physical and emotional signs. Following are some common symptoms that a depressed person may experience:

  • You feel irritable or sad;
  • Nothing seems fun anymore;
  • You start feeling bad about yourself;
  • You have frequent headaches;
  • Everything makes you cry;
  • You become sensitive;
  • You gain or lose excessive weight;
  • You become hopeless and show low self-esteem;
  • You may start thinking about death or suicide.

8 Smart Ways To Beat Physical Signs Of Depression. depression

Smart ways to beat depression:

The one who is going through depression may feel that even routine tasks – like going for work, socializing, or even just getting out of bed – feel like a big struggle. Depression is a pervasive feeling; life feels like a dark tunnel with no light at any end.

Following are some smart ways in which you can counter the physical symptoms of depression:

1.Start listening to upbeat music:

The best way to reduce depression is to start listening to upbeat music as food for your soul. This upbeat tune will definitely change the atmosphere instantly and you will start feeling a positive vibe. Such type of music changes brain chemistry and improve your mood. Once your mood is altered, you will see a change in your facial expressions as well.

2. Watch a funny TV show:

Start watching a comedy movie, funny TV show or a standup comedy session – it will inevitably make you laugh. Laughter releases endorphins and kills your anxiety. It may seem silly but anything that makes you laugh can make you happy. This is one of the effective tools in reminding your brain that you are feeling good and changing your physical outlook.

8 Smart Ways To Beat Physical Signs Of Depression. a woman watching tv

3. Put on makeup:

For every plan that you have with friends and family, do not go with a dull and depressed face – instead put on some lovely makeup; this will make you feel great. Social support plays a very important role and a good look will help you beat depression.

4. Start focusing on what you wear:

The one who is feeling depressed stops taking care of how they look. It is important to pay attention on what you wear. Get up, shower, massage, wear a new dress so that you will be amazed by the fresh look in the mirror.

5. Get a haircut:

Haircut is one thing that can totally alter your looks. You can get a superb haircut for $15 bucks and totally beat all physical signs of depression. This will help you in feeling great about yourself.

8 Smart Ways To Beat Physical Signs Of Depression. a woman getting a haircut

6. Exercise and eat healthy:

Regular exercise seems to encourage the brain to renew itself in positive ways. It is also a superb idea to watch what you are eating. If depression inclines you to eat more or less than usual, you should have a control on your eating. Exercise will help you fight away weariness and depression.

7. Celebrate small wins:

Celebrating your small wins is also a great idea to beat your depression. Remember to celebrate small things and feel grateful about them; it will help you take the weariness off your face. We tend to take everything for-granted when we are depressed, celebrating things can change your state of mind. Small wins must be celebrated to cope up with depression.

8 Smart Ways To Beat Physical Signs Of Depression. a smiling woman

8. Get a manicure and pedicure:

Depression is a dreadful period in one’s life and people stop paying any attention to themselves; heels become cracked and nails grow pale. If you pamper yourself a little and get a manicure and pedicure, you will as if a weight has lifted off yourself. You will feel relaxed after the massage and beat the ailing depression’s physical signs.

Start working on your physical outlook and you will feel a little joy all around you; ultimately you will start realizing that happiness around you and feel beautiful inside as well.

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