A Question of Lifestyle: 4 Signs That Your Mental & Physical Wellness Needs Attention

People often become sick and wonder how they didn’t know problems were arising. Signs and symptoms are often present, but the person doesn’t recognize them for what they are. In addition, a person might ignore these signs for a variety of reasons. Don’t make this mistake. Know the signs that your mental and physical health need attention and see help right away. When you do so, you can have a higher quality of life and feel better as well.

Changes in Hair Growth

Women may suddenly find they have hair cropping up in new places. For instance, a woman going through menopause may find she suddenly has hair above her upper lip or growing out of her chin. This is often a sign of hormonal changes that occur when a woman goes through menopause. However, women of all ages might find they have new hair growth or their hair is thinning excessively. This is a sign that something is going on inside the body and a doctor needs to be seen.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition that can lead to changes in hair growth. With this condition, small cysts begin to form on the ovaries. When this happens, the body releases an excess amount of male hormones. These hormones can bring about the growth of hair on the face chest, back, or arms. On the other hand, hair loss or hair that is thinning could be a sign of other medical conditions. Thyroid issues could bring about hair loss or thinning, and the same is true of certain autoimmune disorders. Anyone struggling with infertility may find the first sign there is a problem is thinning hair. By going to mcrmfertility.com, you can determine what is bringing on these changes in hair growth and how best to deal with them.

InsomniaA Question of Lifestyle: 4 Signs That Your Mental & Physical Wellness Needs Attention

Although insomnia is not a medical condition, it is a sign that something else is going on and therefore should not be ignored. When a person sleeps, they dream. These dreams can be disturbing in one or more ways, and insomnia is a way for the body to prevent these frightening things from coming up again. However, insomnia can also do harm to a person’s physical health. It has been linked to an increased risk of both heart attack and stroke. Additionally, people who lack the proper amount of sleep are more at risk of gaining weight, which can lead to obesity if the problem is left untreated.

Insomnia is more than simply being unable to sleep all night. Some people find they cannot get to sleep while others believe they get the right amount of sleep only to feel fatigued the next day. Any sleep disturbance needs to be investigated to find the underlying cause and determine the proper course of action for treating it. One sleepless night is not a cause for concern, but ongoing insomnia is a sign that your mental and physical health need attention. Don’t ignore this sign or assume it will resolve on its own. There is too much at risk to make this mistake.

FatigueA Question of Lifestyle: 4 Signs That Your Mental & Physical Wellness Needs Attention

A number of things can leave a person fatigued. For instance, a person suffering from the flu will likely feel exhausted until the illness passes. If the individual does not have an illness that is easily diagnosed but remains fatigued, it’s time to look for other causes. For many, fatigue is the result of lifestyle choices. For instance, excess physical activity can make a person tired and fatigued even after he or she rests and recovers from the activity. The same is true of a lack of sleep, and certain medications can bring about exhaustion. There are times when the problem is actually a physical condition that has yet to be diagnosed.

A concussion is often accompanied by fatigue, for example, and a person with thyroid issues may find he or she is tired more often. Doctors might find a patient suffers from sleep apnea, and this is interfering with his or her ability to get a good night’s rest. Emphysema and diabetes are other medical conditions that can be accompanied by sleep disorders. If you are feeling fatigued, your body is trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore it. See a doctor to determine where the problem lies and what steps need to be taken to correct it.

DepressedA Question of Lifestyle: 4 Signs That Your Mental & Physical Wellness Needs Attention

Everyone has a bad day now and then. However, when this problem becomes persistent, help should be sought. Individuals who are depressed often isolate themselves from others, and this is the worst thing they can do. This actually makes the problem worse because it increases the stress response of the brain. The person has more time to dwell on unpleasant things in their life and negative self talk is often the result. If you or someone you love is spending more time alone, it is time to seek professional help to see if depression is the problem or if something else is going on. However, these aren’t the only signs of depression that people need to be aware of.

Alcohol and drug abuse are common among those who suffer from depression. The individual uses these substances to ease their pain and reduce the symptoms. While social anxiety is often eased with the use of alcohol or another drug, it depresses the central nervous system in the body. Furthermore, insomnia can become an issue for those who regularly use drugs or alcohol. A doctor can address the depression with prescription medications and monitor the patient for any negative side effects.

The human body is very complex. A problem in one area can manifest in a variety of ways, and the body does try to send a warning that something is wrong. People often ignore warning signs, however, when it comes to their physical and mental health. It’s best to address these symptoms as soon as they appear. Those who do so find they can begin on the path to recovery in the shortest time possible and achieve a higher quality of life as a result.

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