Anxiety Issues – 6 Tips to Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety Issues: Tips to Get Rid of Anxiety
Anxiety Issues: Tips to Get Rid of Anxiety

It is hard enough to live in constant anxiety. Any minor event turns into something dangerous, and exaggerated fear for yourself and your loved ones becomes a constant companion. The man becomes irritated, he cannot focus on one or another important matter, he suffers from insomnia and gets tired quickly. Such a state can turn into neurosis very quickly. That is why it is important to know how to get rid of or to calm anxiety.

How to deal with anxiety

header-1 Accept yourself

Accept yourselfYou should just accept your aptitude to worry as a feature of the character. There is no need to blame yourself for the fears, even if they are too intrusive and irrational:

“Yes, I am afraid that a brick will fall on my head tomorrow. I have a right to be afraid.”

When anxiety is not perceived as an internal enemy, it reduces its influence on the quality of life. The mind ceases to dwell on worries, admitting their existence, and switches to actions.

header-2 Stop trying to control everything

There are things that simply can not be changed. You can not directly affect what happens to your friend if he is on another continent. There is no chance to warn all unpleasant situations that can happen to a child in school. What’s the point to worry all the time?

You just can control the things that are close to you. For example, you can help a stumbled person. But to do the same with someone who has already walked a few meters away is impossible. So you should stop worrying about situations which cannot be changed.

header-3 Develop an optimistic view of life

Irrational anxiety “is fed up” with bad news on TV and scary stories which are heard from friends. It should be understood that the stories about the good are just not in demand. No one will announce that 1000 people live perfectly, but a serious trouble with someone will become immediately an occasion for neighbor’s gossip.

Relatively speaking, if your wife is delayed for 10 minutes, most likely she went to the grocery store instead of lying in the alley with her throat cut.

Life will be easier and less worrisome if you protect yourself from the flow of negative thoughts:

  • Stop communicating with people who “thumb” various problems;
  • Do not watch the news every night: the most important thing comes without them.
  • Refuse to watch TV shows and movies where the main themes are violence, robberies, and murders.

Additionally, you can practice meditation: it perfectly clarifies the mind and makes a person more calm and balanced.

header-4 Share your problems

AnxietyYou should share your worries with a close friend. The positive effect is achieved due to two main factors:

  • Support. As a rule, a disturbing person lacks it. After talking with someone from the heart, it is much easier to deal with everyday problems – in fact, there is a feeling that there is someone secure behind, who will come to the aid;
  • Analysis of the situation. Having said their problems out loud, people look at them from a different angle. In addition, anxiety is disturbed by the presence of a third party – an interlocutor, who can advise the best way out of the situation and to dispel unpleasant thoughts.

If you don’t have friends, you can visit a psychologist. A professional from the height of his experience is able to suggest how to overcome anxiety. Most likely, he had a lot of patients with a similar problem.

header-5 Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyleMake sure that you sleep enough. Bad sleep has harmful effects. This not only affects our physical health, lack of sleep can contribute to anxiety and stress. Sometimes there is a vicious circle, as anxiety often leads to sleep disturbance. When you are anxious, try to sleep from seven to nine hours a day and see how a few of these nights will affect your level of anxiety.

Eat properly. Anxiety affects the body: your appetite may be changed or there will be a need for certain foods. To provide the necessary support to the body, try to eat more foods that contain substances such as B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as useful complex carbohydrates from whole grains. Studies have linked the presence of B vitamins in the diet of people with a good mental health, and omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Complex carbohydrates help regulate the levels of serotonin, “feel-good hormones” that helps us to remain calm. Although we love to suggest otherwise, but studies show that eating sweets and processed foods (with simple carbohydrates) can increase the symptoms of anxiety.

header-6 Take a break

Severe anxiety is much more exhausting than hard work. It is necessary to do a daily ritual, which would mean an end to any unrest – at least for a while. Among the options:

  • relaxTake a hot bath with aromatic oils;
  • read a book;
  • see a movie;
  • lie in silence;
  • listen to your favorite music;
  • go for a walk;
  • be creative and so on.

It is desirable to practice the ritual at the same time, for example early in the morning or after work. Let it be 15 m. or 2 hours, but they should be conducted for pleasure and without thinking about existing or potential problems. Suppose there is a risk of dismissal from work, sick children, went missing a pet – it is possible to think about it later.

Gradually the mind becomes accustomed to the “islands of peace” and will strive to continue staying in a comfortable state – without undue anxieties and experiences.

Anxiety exhausts mental resources of the body, without offering anything in return for it. It does not matter, people worry about something or not: the event will be developed by its own way, ignoring the thinking process of its potential victim. So is there anything to worry about?










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