Battling Depression: Suggestions for Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Battling Depression: Suggestions for Boosting Your Self-Esteem. self esteem

Low self-esteem is not categorized as being a mental health condition. However, there are some clear links shown between the way that we view ourselves and our overall emotional and mental wellbeing. The definition of self-esteem is “the way a person feels about himself/herself.” This includes how a person feels about what he/she does. People with high self-esteem believe that they are good and they recognize the good qualities about themselves. People with high self-esteem will typically strive for a life that is happy and successful. On the other end, a person who has low self-esteem will have negative feelings about himself/herself. Someone with low self-esteem believes that he is not worthy of happiness, success, or love.

Self Esteem and Quality of Life

Having low self-esteem can affect all aspects of a person’s life. The way that you feel about yourself will reflect how you interact with others. As humans we strive to build relationships with other people. When you do not feel comfortable with yourself, it can be difficult to build positive relationships with others. Many people with low self-esteem feel like they do not deserve love or kindness from others.

Battling Depression: Suggestions for Boosting Your Self-Esteem. lonely woman

People with low self-esteem are also more likely to become addicts. Drugs and alcohol are often used as a way to help ease some of the negative feelings that they are experiencing about themselves. Turning to drugs and alcohol as a form of escape can quickly lead to addiction as the person just wants to get rid of the negative feelings he/she has about himself/herself. Addiction can have many detrimental effects on a person who already has low self-esteem.

Anxiety and depression are quite common among individuals who have low self-esteem. It is difficult to determine which comes first, but the combination of depression and anxiety with low self-esteem is quite common and is very troublesome. A person who is struggling with a mental illness may find that his/her low self-esteem comes from the social stigma that surrounds mental illness. This stigma can perpetuate feelings that they are somehow failing.

Ways to Build Self Esteem

It is quite crucial to build your self-esteem. It is when we learn to love ourselves that we will strive for a life that is better. This includes seeking happier relationships, a career that is more fulfilling, or even recovering from addiction. While changing feelings about ourselves that have been deeply rooted can be difficult and may involve some type of therapy, in the end it is worth it as it will lead to a better life in general.

Battling Depression: Suggestions for Boosting Your Self-Esteem. smiling man

Sometimes it is just small things that can help to improve our self-esteem. Perhaps there is something physical that you do not like about yourself that is starting to lead you to doubt yourself. For example, if you are ashamed of your smile you may want to consider getting a tooth implant or other dental work completed in order to improve the way that your mouth looks and to give yourself a boost of self-esteem.

Physical appearance is sometimes a source of lowered self-esteem. Sometimes simply changing your hairstyle or losing a bit of weight can go a long way when it comes to your self-esteem.

The key to raising your self-esteem lies within adjusting your thoughts to more positive ones. While this can be difficult, with the proper help it is possible and will go a long way when it comes to leading a more positive life.

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