Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis Major depressive disorder may be diagnosed when a person sees his or her doctor with complaints about mood, changes in appetite or sleeping problems, and different symptoms recognized as signs of

Depression Signs and Symptoms – Finding Depression

Depression is a serious disease from which not only a person suffers but his family members, too. Unfortunately, nowadays depression is not uncommon. Millions of people suffer from depression. According to researches, it affects up

Major Types of Depression – Exploring Depression

Depression has many different variations and how it goes depends on individuals. All the types of depression have its own symptoms, causes, and effects. Learn about different types of depression and you will be aware

3 Stages of Depression – Exploring Depression

Any depressive disorder can be divided into several stages, which are characterized by their different specifics and the intensity of symptoms. In this article you will learn about 3 stages of depression. Stages of depression

9 Depression Facts and the Indicative Statistics

In this article, you will explore depression facts and get acquainted with the shocking statistics. These depression facts are to shed light on such a serious disease as depression.  Fact № 1 The most depressed nation