How to Spot an Eating Disorder in your Loved One

Eating disorders are horrifying to watch a loved one go through, especially because it might take a while before you recognize the signs. Those with anorexia nervosa may not be skin and bones. Those with

Bipolar Disorder Treatment: Therapy and Family Support

Effective bipolar disorder treatment entails a combination of professional help and support from family and friends. If you’ve noticed the symptoms of bipolar disorder in a friend, family member or even in yourself, don’t wait

Kleptomania – A Mysterious Mental Disorder

Kleptomania is a disorder, which is characterized by the inability to suppress the urges to steal. Stolen items, as a rule, are not valuable. Such a desire manifests itself as a compulsive (inexplicable, spontaneous) impulse,

Trichotillomania: Why Do People Pull Their Hair?

Trichotillomania is uncontrolled hair pulling on the head or on other parts of the body, leading to hair loss and balding. Trichotillomania literally means “the urge to pull hair.” About 2% of the population suffer