Dysthymia: Types, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

What is Dysthymia Dysthymia (or mild depression) is a chronic depressive disorder, mild, lasts for a long period of time, symptoms are expressed for two or more years. The concept was coined by Robert Spitzer, this term is

Pessimism: Why Some People Paint Everything Black?

Pessimism (from Latin pessimum – the worst) is one of the two main types of perception of the world, expressing negative, suspicious, distrustful attitude to it; is opposite to optimism. In the ordinary sense, pessimism

Anxiety Issues – 6 Tips to Get Rid of Anxiety

It is hard enough to live in constant anxiety. Any minor event turns into something dangerous, and exaggerated fear for yourself and your loved ones becomes a constant companion. The man becomes irritated, he cannot