Causes of Depression: Is it Possible to Avoid?

The Other Causes of Depression: How to Avoid?
The Other Causes of Depression: How to Avoid?

Depression can occur with the representative of any age, sex, social status. Sometimes it is preceded by the appearance of a traumatic event; sometimes it occurs for no apparent reason. What is the secret of the appearance of the plague of the century, what are the causes of depression, how to find it’s coming steps and to prevent its occurrence?

It is very hard to determine causes of depression. People used to think that depression is caused by anxious thoughts. But today scientists are sure that depression is caused by many factors and especially by their combination.

Mental causes of depression: everything is in your head

Concerning psychological factors depression caused by: in essence, such reasons are the consequence of purely psychological problems. They are not related to the chemical and biological processes of the body. That is why this group of reasons can not be eliminated by medical intervention.

If the person doesn’t realize that he has psychological problems, shows no desire to fight with them, there will be no chances to get rid of depression.

Body Dissatisfaction

causes of depression: appearance Every woman or even man come across such situation. And very often one of the main causes of depression is the lack of goals and faith in future perspectives. Psychological causes of depression are connected with the shape or appearance, it causes depression in almost eighty percent of women from time to time. To treat it, it is vital to consult specialists.

Fixation on the negative thoughts and emotions can be conquered with the help of an active lifestyle. The faith in your own strength and ability to accept yourself as you are will help to break this vicious circle.

Environmental and other stressors

A significant loss, difficult relationship, financial problems, or a significant change in lifestyle – all this factors contribute to depression. Sometimes the beginning of depression is associated with acute or chronic physical illness. In addition, approximately one-third of people suffering from depressive disorder, were addicted to alcohol and drugs at a certain extent.causes of depression - environmental and other stressorsOne more social cause of depression is discrimination at work, university, college, school. Very often, it happens when a new employee comes to the well-established team. The systematic oppression and suppression of newcomers provoke the growth of disbelief in the own strength, aggression or withdrawal, the fear of making a mistake. Unfortunately, the only way out of this situation is to change your workplace or team. Trying to win recognition while in depression is a hard challenge.


Severe life events are able not only to knock out a man from the usual way of life. But sometimes they provoke the emergence of fears or permanent anxiety. As a result, there is a significant deterioration of both physical and mental health.

Very often stress is caused by the reasons that we call social and that we have mentioned above. But sometimes it happens when a person is going through a shock as a result of a road accident, sports injury, or simply because of an unpleasant conversation.

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Genetic Reason: Is it inherited?

causes of depression - genetic ReasonHaving studied the reasons for depression, scientist found out that there is a genetic predisposition to mental disorders. Especially, the risk of depression is high if in the family where are members who are susceptible to neurotic and mental diseases. Which means that depression is not necessarily inherited, but the depression history within a family is a significant factor.

Nevertheless, it is not an axiom. People who have no relatives with mental disorders also suffer from severe depression very often.

However, If the are other favorable factors (healthy lifestyle, full relationship, good environment, high physical activity and exercise), even in the case of relatives suffering from depression, people can be absolutely healthy and not susceptible to depressive state.

Biochemical Factors

The facts prove that the brain biochemistry is a significant reason for depressive disorders.

It is known that, for example, people who suffer from severe depression are diagnosed with disturbance of the functioning of certain brain chemicals. Depression can be caused by using certain medications and hormones that promote a change of mood. What is unknown yet is whether biochemical disturbance is the result of inherited genes or it is caused by stress,  trauma, physical illness, or any other environmental factors.

Mood disorders due to chronic diseases

Depression can occur due to the exacerbation of chronic diseases. During this period, a person can have a sense of uselessness to the family or society, apathy, aggression, tearfulness, worthlessness, helplessness. In the case of constant recurrence of severe chronic diseases, people sometimes have suicidal thoughts.


The belief that cigarettes help to cope with stress and calm the nervous system is wrong.

Smoking often leads to neurosis and depression and does not have any participation in protection from mental overvoltage. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the UK, proving that bad habit – is no more than self-deception. According to statistics, 70% of people who suffer from depressive states, smoke. These data have been established while analyzing the health of 6500 people in the age of 40. Doctors diagnosed anxiety and depression symptoms in 19% of smokers, whereas in the group of people who had never smoked, mental problems occurred only in every tenth. 11.3% of people who stop smoking, face the depressive states.causes of depression - smoking

Scientists advise smokers to reconsider their views on the habit and give up smoking cigarettes. This will help not only to feel emotional freedom, but also to improve the overall health of the body.

Other psychological or social factors

People who have some specific character features – pessimists, those who have lost self-respect, those who are sure that they are not able to control their life or those who are too worried about this or that occasion – are most than others prone to depression. All these features can reinforce the impact of stressful events, or to be an obstacle to those ways, that are directed to overcome the hardships and to bring itself back to the normal condition. Evidently, the habit to think in a negative way starts to build in childhood or juvenility. Some experts believe that the traditional upbringing of girls favors the development of these characteristics and may be the cause of a higher level of depressive disorders in women.

Considering all the mentioned above factors, you may significantly influence the occurrence of depressive states in you or your relatives by lowering the most severe factors.










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