Causes for Depression in Seniors

Causes for depression in seniors. Depressed Senior Woman Sitting Outside

It’s not easy getting older. For many, it’s just a transition to another phase in their lives and they take to it easily and without resistance – they just grow old and they are thrilled about it.

But for a lot of people it’s just not that easy: Depression is especially prevalent amongst seniors, and it can take away a lot from their daily quality of life. But why is it such a common occurrence and what can you do about it?

Here are some possible causes for depression in seniors.

Need for Minerals

As you get older, your body starts to go through changes – and what you need to include in your diet is considerably different than what you would have included in your diet earlier on.

One of the possible causes for depression can be attributed to a lack of essential minerals in the body, which can cause a lot more than just simple depression but can also lead to a range of other symptoms including cramps, brittle bones and severe muscle pain.

Usually, some blood tests are more than enough to find out just what minerals your body is most in need of.

Lack of Physical Activity

Sometimes people stagnate as they get older: It gets harder to be physically active, or people just find that they grow tired easier than they used to, and this presses a lot of people to stop exercising entirely.

Causes for depression in seniors. Senior Couple

But this is literally the worst thing they can do for their own health, and with the lack of physical activity comes a range of other symptoms – including feeling even more tired, and in many cases even severely depressed. Start getting more physically active and your body and mind will both thank you for it.


Sometimes depression is instead a symptom of something larger wrong with your health, and it could even be attributed to the food that you are eating. Does your diet contain a lot of unhealthy foods and meat that is loaded with hormones?

This can have a highly negative effect especially on an elderly system, and it could lead to a range of other health problems – including experiencing the symptoms of depression and lethargy when it’s really just down to what you’re eating.

Mental Stagnation

If we are talking about someone who has been mentally active all their lives and in a position where they have had to be mentally sharp all the time, suddenly being pulled from this highly-active lifestyle can have disastrous repercussions for health.

Depression is likely one of the first symptoms that you will experience, and this might even extend to developing diseases of the brain. How do you prevent it? By keeping the brain as busy as you can: Do puzzles that take a bit of thinking, take up a hobby that really needs your mental brainpower. Anything that makes you think will help you cope – and take your mind off of the depression, too.

Causes for depression in seniors. senior woman and puzzles

Chronic Depression

Sometimes depression can’t just be attributed to being a symptom of something else, but depression is instead a symptom of, well, itself. There are many people who suffer from chronic depression, and if it’s not one of the symptoms that have already been mentioned on this list that’s causing your depression then your condition could very well be chronic instead of a symptom. This means that it needs to be addressed on its own, and could very well mean that you need antidepressants.

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