Changes That Can Cause Teenage Anxiety & Depression

Children go through developmental stages from birth through early adulthood. Throughout these stages, they naturally experience physical, mental and emotional changes, which they can express in various ways. Teenagers may be the ones most prone to significant emotional challenges — or mental health issues — starting in early adolescence; these issues may present as anxiety, depression or both. As a parent, you can support your teen through homeopathic medicine for focus and concentration. Additionally, you should make yourself aware of potential life changes your teen may experience that can trigger anxiety or depression.Changes That Can Cause Teenage Anxiety & Depression


The loss of a loved one leaves a void that can consume a teenager. When a close relative or friend dies, your child may irrationally take the blame or wonder about the meaninglessness of the passing. Because deep relationships are inherent to a teenager’s developing personal identity, he or she may recognize the frightening concept of impermanence. Furthermore, a young person may fear for the lives of other close ones as a consequence. These fears can lead to perseverative thinking centered around endless cycles of worry and fear.

Relationship StrugglesChanges That Can Cause Teenage Anxiety & Depression

Teenagers often become wholly invested in romantic relationships, sometimes to the detriment of activities and education. Emotions attached to relationship issues can be overwhelming. Younger teens worry about forming romantic bonds. Older ones stress about maintaining them. Breakup fears can create cycles of anxiety; worse, if a partner terminates the relationship, the effect can simulate feelings of death, with the same consequential effects. At that point, non-prescription anxiety medication can help your child cope, such that he or she may be able to internalize the constructive points that you or a therapist offer.

Constant Connection

Unlike teenagers of previous generations, those today continually access digital content via social media platforms and news feeds. Their worldview threatens to change daily as they find themselves exposed to a range of anxiety-inducing messages:

  • Divisive politics
  • Environmental disaster fears
  • Social-media hostility
  • School shootings and other violent events

Unfortunately, teenagers open their screens even in the middle of the night. The constant exposure inevitably creates feelings of helplessness and despair. Again, anxiety medicine for teenager stresses can provide openings for working with an adult to learn appropriate coping mechanisms.

School PressureChanges That Can Cause Teenage Anxiety & Depression

In contrast to negative digital messaging, teenagers face high academic expectations. Traditionally, students focused on college admission starting in the third year of high school. Today, the pressure to achieve begins in the freshman year, where students need to not only attain high grades but also fill their academic resume with activities and leadership achievements. These school-life changes from the relative innocence of middle school can be tough to handle. Teachers, administrators and school counselors have seen increases in student anxiety and depression in recent years.

If you are the parent of teenagers, understand that you will likely witness behavioral and emotional changes throughout the high school years. One key to successfully navigating these days is for you to recognize when they begin to fall into cycles of anxiety or depression and to take action before the feelings become clinical.

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