Could You Have Low Estrogen?

Could You Have Low Estrogen? Estrogen

Women share a love-hate relationship with estrogen – a set of chemical hormones that are produced in the fat tissues, adrenal glands, and ovaries. Men also produce estrogen but its role in men’s health is not as much clear as it is for the physical and mental wellbeing of women.

If you have been suffering from sleeplessness or experiencing mood swings, night sweats, weight gain, and painful sex, it could be due to a shortage in the production of estrogen in the body. Read on to know more about these symptoms and the possible solutions to this problem.

Symptoms of low estrogen:

1. Night sweats due to hot flashes

Hypothalamus is the part of the brain which regulates the body temperature. Low estrogen means elevated sensitivity of hypothalamus even at the slight rise in temperature. Your body responds to this change with excess perspiration or sweating.

2. Sleeplessness

Could You Have Low Estrogen? sleeplessness

If you have been experiencing sleeping issues off late, it could be due to low melatonin. The brain produces serotonin which lends a helping hand in the production of melatonin or the sleep hormone in the body. And the production of serotonin by the brain relates to estrogen. Thus, low estrogen translates into low serotonin which leads to sleeplessness or insomnia.

3. Mood swings, depression and problem in concentrating on a given task

The low production of serotonin and lack of adequate sleep – both characterized by low estrogen presence in the body – can lead to a host of other problems such as mood swings, depression and trouble in focusing on a task in hand. These three things can aggravate the mental issues further with the passage of time.

4. Painful sex and vulvovaginal atrophy

Estrogen is linked to lubrication of the vagina. The dearth of it can make the vaginal walls go dry due to which sex can be painful. Furthermore, it can also lead to vulvovaginal atrophy in women.

Could You Have Low Estrogen? estrogen structure

5. Weaker bones

The strength of the bones of your body depends on bone density. The latter shares a direct and proportional relationship with estrogen. When the body fails to generate adequate estrogen for the benefit of the bones, it makes the bones brittle which in turn increases the chances of a bone fracture.

6. Increase in the body weight

Estrogen determines what amount of fat should be stored in the body and what amount of fat needs to be burnt. While women with healthy levels of estrogen are able to manage their body weight, those who lack this hormone are likely to struggle in doing so.

7. Urinary tract infections

This is one of the most painful negative effects of low estrogen. An imbalance in the level of estrogen thins down the urethra. As a result, it becomes relatively easier for bacteria to enter the body through the opening and get into the bladder. This can lead to urinary tract infection which can be painful to deal with.

Could You Have Low Estrogen? Paper with urinary tract infection and pills.

Tips for maintaining estrogen levels

There are various ways to treat estrogen deficiency in the body. Some are natural, whereas others pertain to the intake of medications. If you have been grappling for a reliable option to deal with the problems and risks posed by the imbalance of estrogen in the body, turn to the solutions given below.

1. Take supplements

For maintaining healthy levels of estrogen in the body, taking supplements can lend a helping hand in doing so. Supplements like estrosmart can work wonders for you. Check out estrosmart | Yes Wellness – everyday free shipping for more information.

2. Add sufficient protein to your diet

Could You Have Low Estrogen? protein

Amino acids, which come from protein, play a pivotal role in maintaining the muscle mass of the body. The body cannot produce it on its own, so it is important that you include protein in your diet to make sure the body gets enough of it to maintain the right muscle mass. With adequate protein, you will also be able to address the problem of sudden hunger pangs or hunger grumblings of the body. Also, proper protein levels help regulate estrogen in the body.

3. Refrain from taking refined carbs and sugar

Refined carbs and sugar are responsible for triggering insulin resistance in the body which can lead to estrogen sensitivity. Try to either avoid or cut down the consumption of sweet and starchy foods.

4. Exercise regularly

Physical activities and workout sessions lend a helping hand in regulating the levels of various hormones. At the same time, it also proves to be of great assistance in managing muscle mass even when one starts ageing.

Remember, your physical and mental wellbeing in connection with estrogen is in your own hands. By following the aforementioned tips to maintain estrogen levels in your body, you will not only save money but also the hassle of seeing your doctor every now and then.

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