Curious Myths About Depression and the Causes of Its Occurrence

myths about depression

People who suffer from depression do not always cry all day in bed. It may sound like they are living a normal way, read books or do admissions essay editing but they are not happy with what they do and feel overwhelmed.

With depression, we must fight on all fronts. In order to keep it under control that it does not dominate in our lives, it is necessary to find out its leading causes. Would you like to find out interesting myths about depression and the reasons for its occurrence? This article tells you about everything you need to know.

The ignorant hurt of depression: what is it?

Depression is an ignorant hurt that mantles the people. It’s like a gigantic soothing scarf that turns you around, shielding your life and forming a coverlet of night, to choke person who is with you.

First of all, depression manifests itself in a mood change. Man becomes sad and gloomy, it suppresses the thoughts of his unsuccessful life, burns a sharp sense of guilt. It loses taste in life and the ability to counteract the difficulties loses interest in things that were previously appealing. Motor activity and the thinking process slow down. If the depression is insignificant, the individual can still continue to work, perform everyday tasks, but all of this ceases to bring him pleasure. Man becomes indifferent to everything, first of all, for hours can sit on the TV and watch anything or just lie. Everything he sees in “dark light”.myths about depression - can't get up

Causes of depression

Modern medicine highlights the biological, psychological and social causes of this disease. Biological reasons can be attributed to specific violations of nervous processes.

There may be several psychological factors. First of all, some people have a special style of thinking. They see themselves and their lives exclusively in a negative light.

The family’s depression may also be the cause of excessive criticism and increased conflict. It leads to depression and an increased number of stressful life situations: the death of relatives, divorces, etc. An important factor is also social isolation when a person has very little warm, trusted contacts and he does not receive sufficient emotional support.

The social factors are customary to attribute too fast pace of modern life. In today’s society, there is high competition and social instability.

Myths about depression

There are myths about this disease. We will try to discuss them.myths about depression - man glares at a doctor

Myth 1. Depression is normal. All people are sometimes sad

From bad mood, depression is characterized by the fact that a person ceases to enjoy the usual things, and this condition lasts at least two weeks.

The reasons are external – for example, traumatized, and internal – in this case, it is a violation of the biochemical processes in the brain.

Myth 2. We must move and everything will go away

Among the symptoms of depression are sleep and appetite disturbance, anxiety, feelings of guilt and despair, as well as lack of energy and reduced motor activity.

Running and fitness is the good prevention of bad mood for healthy people but in patients with depression, they are simply defective forces.

Myth 3. It’s all from idleness

Of course, no one cancelled the existential crisis and therapeutic effect of work. But with all of the above symptoms, should you seek to get the title of workaholic of the year?

Myth 4. To cure depression, you need to take a vacation, move to another country, learn a new practice, and so on

myths about depression - woman going on vacationAll this can really help if, in addition to turning to a therapist or undergoing medical treatment, appointed by a psychiatrist.

Myth 5. Depression is a false illness

People who suffer from depression do not receive adequate care even if they have access to medical services, because of prejudice or discrimination.

Nobody is protected from this terrible disease. This can happen to each of us. Depression is a painful state of inferiority, ineffectiveness when a person feels deeply unhappy and completely unable to feel pleasure, such that he has lost the purpose and the content of life. But you need to go to a professional and cure it.

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