3 Stages of Depression – Exploring Depression

Exploring Depression – 3 Stages of Depression
Exploring Depression – 3 Stages of Depression

Any depressive disorder can be divided into several stages, which are characterized by their different specifics and the intensity of symptoms. In this article you will learn about 3 stages of depression.

Stages of depression

Depression: Stage 1

The initial stage of depression can be called “denial”. In the early stages, a person is convinced that he has no predisposition for depression, it is just a bad mood, fatigue, health problems, the impact of weather. The first stage includes apathy, lack of desire to perform any action, fatigue. There are signals such as lack of appetite, irritability, sleeping problems. The prevalent factor during this period is sleepiness, often even after a full night’s sleep. The person strives to escape from the existing problems, and sleep is the best remedy because the body tries to overcome unusual psychological condition on its own, it tries to get rid of depression. The circle of unpleasant symptoms expands: anxiety prevails among feelings, sleeping problems get worse.stages of depression

Many patients complain about the inability to concentrate and to do simple actions. Colleagues observe changes, because in addition to permanent condition “in the doldrums” the depressed person starts to make a lot of mistakes while doing his usual job. An important symptom of the early stage is the gradual loss of interest in favorite hobbies.
Since time goes, the person has a huge number of unfinished tasks, because it is difficult for the depressed one to finish that one he started. Some of people at this stage launch some ambitious projects, which will be no longer interesting in the near future and even will cause irritability and fury.

stages of depression stress workMany people are confused when the depressed person wants to attract their attention. Changes in behavior are also signs of the first stage of depression. In this way, people attempt to overcome failure and get rid of gloomy thoughts.

They experience alienation from the real world, avoid any contacts and meetings with family and friends. There is an uncontrollable and inexplicable irritation to happy, optimistic, smiling people. The depressed person begins to “hide”, prefers to spend most of the time alone.

Depression: Stage 2

The middle among stages of depression is characterized by considerable changes in the work of all organs. The production of the hormone of happiness – serotonin is decreased and stopped. The depressed person refused to eat, this fact leads to a significant weight loss, worsening of chronic diseases takes place. The body can’t resist anymore.

stages of depression insomniaThe most unpleasant phenomenon of the second stage is insomnia that may last several days. This leads to the fact that the person loses the ability to think logically and properly, control his emotions and behavior. Visual and auditory hallucinations take place – the depressed person experiences a painful effect of “voices in his head.” Thus, the person is convinced that he is not able to bear and beat these frightening thoughts. Hence, there is an obsessive desire to end this nightmare. The depressed thinks about ending his miserable existence. At the second stage of depression over 80% of suicide attempts occur. And, as a rule, the depressed person can not overcome depression without professional help at this stage.

Rapid speech, lack of logic sentences, “weirdness”, the predominance of monologs over dialogues can signify the middle stage of depression. More often, the person’s words reflect his staying in a state of deep sadness and philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, the destiny of human beings. This message is often cut off by the depressed in the middle and left unsaid because the person is unable to keep a logical chain from beginning to end. The focus at this stage is minimal; the depressed person is not able to concentrate and finish even elementary actions.

Among other people, the depressed person is defiant, unrestrained, and sometimes vulgar. He is aggressive even to a stranger because the person can’t react adequately to criticism or insults.

Depression: Stage 3

stages of depression 2This is the most dangerous stage of the disorder. The body keeps the vital functions. Pathological processes occur in the human psychic sphere. Along with indifference and visible detachment from the world, aggression controls the person,
the depressed loses the ability to manage and control his behavior. At the third stage of depression, the individual is able to cause harm and physical injury not only to himself but also to others. The depressed person loses the meaning of life. At this stage suicidal thoughts are prevalent. Memory loss, manic depression, schizophrenia are a small piece of what happens to the person in the third stage.

The patients in this condition cannot overcome depression without psychiatrist’s help, antidepressants and other medications. Almost all people with third stages of depression require hospitalization and an intensive course of therapy. It takes a significant period of time to beat depression and return to normal life.


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    I suffer with bipolar and apparently I am a rapid cyle type. Although the lows are worse than the highs my actions when on that high are extremely dangerous or so my doctor has advised me. My apologies for anyone I offended. And I have noticed that since the loss of my father my depression has worsened. If it wasn’t for having to help my mom and sister I wouldn’t be here today. And once she is gone I am not sure what will happen to me. But as for now she counts on me. So I have to maintain. And even though my faith in Christ is strong I know he understands me even if I don’t. All I can say is people keep check on yourself. And don’t let this illness take you down as it has so many .

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