How to Balance Health and Study 

health-study balance

Everyone will admit that it’s nice to be a pupil or a student. You have to worry only about your homework being done on time and be prepared for exams. Neither life cares, nor impossible tasks. Everything is fine and full of life energy. But schoolchildren and students are people, too, and they get tired, sometimes even more than adults. Just imagine, except pairs and lessons they need to attend various training courses, different circles (secretarial skills, sewing, amateur art) and sports units, etc. In order to catch all of this, you need to be a real hero. There are a couple of working tips on how to have time for everything, keep being healthy, saving and multiplying strengths.

Advice #1. Done everything well – have a nice rest

If everything is a matter of fatigue, you need to understand that a well-planned day is a pledge of an excellent state of health and a strong nervous system. If you work hard, you must necessarily do the weekend, where you will have a real rest, instead of planing some global household events. Stay at home, sleep off, watch a couple of TV programs, eat delicious food, etc. Permit your head to have a rest of performing complex tasks, and the body to relax.

Advice #2. Daily regime

health-study balance - eating and readingIf a person does not get enough time for sleeping, then good mood and vivacity are, definitely, out of the question. Classic 8 hours would be enough for a high-quality sleeping. In order to be vigorous and not to lose vital energy, you need to wake up early, to get up immediately after waking up, without lying in bed. By the way, you need to fall asleep early, for getting enough sleep and always be in a good mood. But, how to observe the regime, if there are many essays and complicated tasks to do in a limited period of time. Just pay Edubirdie for the essay and use the additional time for sports, for taking a contrast shower or having breakfast.

Advice #3. Pay attention to your health

To get rid of apathy and have time to do all the home and work tasks during a day, you need to monitor your health, treat all diseases in time, do not ignore the symptoms and signs of deterioration of well-being, save vital energy. Sports activities, active outdoor games, and even ordinary walks are of great benefit to health and good mood, charged with strengths which are important for study. Although it is called activity, at the same time it is a rest, especially during an increased mental work. In addition, physical activity contributes to the normalization of sleep.

Particular attention should be paid to the meal, food is the main source of energy, and not only what we eat is important, but also when we eat. In the university period of life, when an active development and an increased mental stress is everywhere, it is important to eat regularly and diversely, and not to torment the body with diets. In addition, pupils and students need vitamins for an increased mental work.

Advice #4.  Plan your time

health-study balance - city picnicPlanning is an opportunity to force yourself to defeat natural instincts, overcome laziness and change life for the better. Even if you work at home, you need to arrange a time frame, allocate time for important matters, plan your vacation, sleep, dinner, sports. You need to balance health and study, the routine duty must be perceived as a goal to achieve victorious actions. It will be a huge victory for yourself. Do not forget to focus on one action. In the performance of any case, even the most insignificant one should not be distracted by minor factors (conversations, the Internet, tea, coffee, other trifles). You need to focus on the goal, perform the task, and then you can do whatever you want. During home preparation, do not forget to take breaks. For example, you can alternate 40-45 minutes of work and 5-10 minutes breaks. You need to have a real rest, without spending time on social networks, gaming or watching TV. After every serious “test” ( to do lessons, write a report, finish a paper, clean houses, wash dishes), plan a victorious holiday, as a reward for diligence.

Advice #5. Motivate and encourage yourself

Proper motivation is the key to success. Especially, it is important to develop it in children and adolescents who are not able to assess the importance of each act adequately (it is about learning, doing lessons, homework, etc.). The child needs to understand that there are certain actions that nobody will fix, except himself. And after the successful completion of the task, you should encourage him, allow him to go for a walk with friends or play computer games, etc.

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