Here Is All You Need To Know About Fashion Psychology

Here Is All You Need To Know About Fashion Psychology. wardrobe

Millennials, both men, and women are conscious about their look and appearance. They know that first impression can make or break the game. You will hardly see a millennial dressed like a complete mess, even when he/she is running some errands. Researchers have established that people tend to form an opinion about another person, based on the clothes he/she wears. The dresses you wear or your style statement sends out strong messages about your personality. For instance, a person who wears office appropriate outfits is more likely to get the next promotion, as he/she is perceived as a serious candidate. Any individual who takes his/her fashion game seriously is bound to take the work seriously as well. Thus, fashion directly influences the thought process of a person.

Here Is All You Need To Know About Fashion Psychology. young women walking

What Does Fashion Psychology Mean?

Anything that impacts the human thought process is associated with psychology. When the element of fashion is added to this issue, then it becomes fashion psychology. A few years back, not much was known about this subject. With time, a drastic change has taken place in this academic arena. Mainstream psychologists are working with fashion experts with the intention of uncover how clothes impact human thinking. This combination of the two subjects has given birth to a new subject, known as ‘Fashion Psychology.’

The study of ‘Fashion Psychology’ deals with the incorporation and application of psychological theories with the fashion industry. The combination of these two elements produces manageable healing tools. These tools, when used correctly will bring positive changes in personality and appearance of clients as well as influence target objects. Though specialists have started working on this subject only recently, it was initially discovered during the 1860s. An American psychologist, named Henry James talked about the effects of fashion on human psychology in his work “The Principles of Psychology.”

Here Is All You Need To Know About Fashion Psychology. you-are-what-you-wear

Exploring Enclothed Cognition

Another critical aspect, associated with fashion psychology is enclothed cognition. Before bringing about any change in the target object, fashion will have a direct effect on the person wearing the attire. The material, design, and color of the garment can have either a positive or negative impact on the mind of a person. This phenomenon is termed as ‘enclothed cognition.’

Discovering the True Power of Human Personality

Many fashion experts are of the opinion that clothes work best when the wearers feel that the attires are like their second skin. The experiences that these individuals receive from the garments have an impact on their mood. Your well-fitted suit will offer an extra boost when you face the board members, while a woman will feel extra sexy in her red dress and high heels. The same people will feel differently when they are given unflattering attires. Dressing correctly for an event will provide you with an edge over the others. Looking good boosts your confidence as well. When you are confident about your look, the chances of making a mistake will go down significantly.

Role of a Fashion Psychologist

When you are depressed, booking an appointment with a mental health expert of psychologist seems apt. When your clothes are roots of your troubles, then consider seeing a fashion psychologist. Always remember, they are not merely fashion experts. They improve your inner-self by altering your outer image. They work on your thought pattern. These specialists will collect details about your life, profession, your views about the world and what you want others to think of you. Based on these assumptions, fashion psychologists will chart out a routine for you.

Here Is All You Need To Know About Fashion Psychology. bags

They will prescribe specific designs and colors, which will not only uplift your mood but also eliminate self-consciousness. Personal negative thoughts restrict your journey towards self-discovery and development. Once you break the chains, no power in the world can stop you from flaunting your new image.

Apart from picking out the right colors, fashion psychologists will also guide you to purchase clothes, which mask your physical flaws and highlight positive assets. Specific designs and patterns, like vertical stripes and fine prints, create an optical illusion. This offers a slimmer look to the wearer. Fashion psychologists also provide an insight on mixing and matching different attires like showoff online clothing to develop a unique style.

Here Is All You Need To Know About Fashion Psychology. rainbowdresses

All these points highlight that our clothing choices give a stark impression about our personality and mindset. If you think that booking an appointment with a fashion psychologist is enough to revamp your exterior style and fashion statement, then you are wrong. One has to bring about a change within before tackling his/her outer appearance. Until you alter your inner personality and thought patterns, no amount of fashion makeover would do you any good. It will be like wasting a lot of money on clothes, which look good on the mannequin. If there is no positivity in your personality, then your clothes will never work in unison to intensify your capability of making a satisfactory impression on others. Hiring a personal shopper is enough to offer your wardrobe with a facelift. But when it comes to uplifting your fashion personality, you need the assistance of a fashion psychologist.

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