How Bodyrubs Help Your Mental Health

Bodyrubs feel great. No argument there, but can they actually serve to improve your mental health and wellbeing?

Turns out, yes. Yes, they can. Besides being a seductive escape from stress and the perfect way to get your mind to let go of some of those everyday stressors- body rubs can actually physically improve your mental health. In a few different ways.

“People need to be touched.” Says the owner and operator of Elite Indulgence. A specialist in bodyrubs “Without physical touch, people’s mental health deteriorates quickly. Stress levels increase, and the body has a genuine physiological response to these occurrences.”How Bodyrubs Help Your Mental Health

Because of the profound effect that bodyrubs and other types of massage have on our physical health, the mental health aspect is often forgotten about or deemed less important. “Most people see massages as a special treat or a way to pamper ourselves- when actually they should be considered a type of health maintenance.” Giving the recipient a chance to recollect their mental fortitude while disconnecting from the world around them.

Bodyrubs and Mental Health

Mental health, though often considered separate from our physical health, has its feet fully secured in our bodies. Mental and physical health work side-by-side, where what affects one will surely affect the other.

Research has found that because of the positive physical responses to massage, the mind can also reap benefits, particularly when discussing problems like:

General massage and body rubs can help ease the symptoms of many of these problems, as well as others that may be resultant of excessive levels of stress or hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances.

Massage has also been shown to help improve immune system function and may even help to encourage lymphatic drainage and lymph flow. Stimulating pressure receptors throughout the body and increasing circulation. It can also help release neurochemicals that are found to be correlated with happiness, or heightened mood. Chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

How is a Bodyrub Different From a MassageHow Bodyrubs Help Your Mental Health

In effect- bodyrubs don’t differ from massage at all, instead, they are another type of massage. Bodyrubs offer similar positive physical and mental effects that other types of massage do, but they also serve to stimulate the recipient emotionally. Helping to further increase neurotransmitter release.

This is because bodyrubs rely on greater body contact, as well as serve to captivate the mind through sensuality. Igniting our imaginations and physical responses in ways that traditional massage therapies can’t. Creating an even more holistic approach for adults. This is believed to be because of the way that many adults are not feeling that their sexual needs and desires are not being met.

One UK report suggested that only one third feel satisfied sexually. Which means that there is a genuine need amongst adults to feel both sexually desired, and have a healthy and consistent sexual outlet. Bodyrubs could provide the therapy necessary to address this outlet. Specifically, if they are performed by partners or professionals. Creating a secure and reliable space to have our needs met, both physical and mental.

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