How Changing Your Home Can Make You Happier

How Changing Your Home Can Make You Happier. house and tools

Sometimes, if you find yourself stuck in a rut emotionally, it can feel like nothing will make things right. You’ll find yourself pursuing the same activities you always do when you’re up, only this time there’s something off and you just can’t get into that video game or that film like you normally would. Don’t worry, because this is entirely normal, and there are things you can do to alleviate the pressure a little.

One of the most underrated ways to lift your mood is to change your home. After all, you’re spending nearly every day there. It’s natural that you’d start to feel a little disillusioned with a place if you’re seeing the same old surroundings every day and nothing new or interesting is happening. Here are just some ways you can spruce up your home to make you feel just that little bit better if you’re being hit with a low mood.

How Changing Your Home Can Make You Happier. a man

Change up your furniture

It might sound silly, but one of the ways you can combat depression and low mood in your home is by switching up your furniture arrangement. If you’re surrounded by tatty old pieces, mismatched dressers and lacklustre wardrobes, then you’d be surprised what a total furniture makeover can do for you. There are several ways you can pursue this. You could create a completely new arrangement from scratch, scavenging for great furniture from unusual sources like thrift stores or free recycling services. Alternately, you could have a bespoke, custom-fit arrangement created for you by a reputable service. Custom furniture can really help a place feel like it’s yours, and knowing you’re walking into a room that was designed just for you can lift your mood like nobody’s business. Start your custom furniture journey now and click here for a range of great room design ideas.


Is the wallpaper pattern driving you crazy? Have you never really liked the color your walls are painted? Do you feel like a new, innovative color scheme could really make you feel better about not just your home, but life in general? Congratulations – you’re probably right. Redecorating is one of the easiest and most effective ways to lift your mood by changing your home. Reducing aesthetic clutter and removing unnecessary distractions can really help you to refocus your mind on what matters while you’re in any given room. Focus on clean lines, strong colors and your personal favorite tones, and you’ll really notice the difference.

How Changing Your Home Can Make You Happier. repair

Don’t stay cooped up

We know that this isn’t really “changing” your home per se, but more changing your perspective on your home. It might not actually be your home itself that needs to be altered, but your perception of it. Leaving the house and getting even a small amount of exercise has been scientifically proven to help with depression, and if you’re feeling trapped or boxed in by your house, then getting outside and out of that environment can help to refocus your mind. If you do still feel like you need to overhaul your furniture or your décor, then going for a stroll can help you see your home in a different light and really pinpoint that feature or color that’s not working for you.

Rejig rooms

Do you have a spare room that you’re not really using? How about converting it into something you might actually have need for? Alternately, if you’ve got an attic or garage space going spare, why not switch that up and create something new? You’d be amazed by how much space you could be sitting on that isn’t being used as efficiently or effectively as possible. Think about your favorite hobby and design a room in your head that’s exclusively for that hobby. Maybe you could create a home cinema, or perhaps you could look into a gaming room or a photography space. When you’ve conceptualized the room, think about how you could make it a reality. By adding new rooms to your home, you’ll change your feelings about it and give yourself a dedicated space to do the things that make you feel good, lifting your mood significantly.

How Changing Your Home Can Make You Happier. room repair

Create a theme

Depression and low mood have a range of complex and interwoven causes. Making alterations to your home life probably won’t cure your depression, and it might not be the cause of it, but if you’re surrounded by rooms that don’t fit together or aren’t cohesive, then that’s a great place to start. If every room in your house has a “jigsaw” piecemeal feeling, it’s possible that you need to create a centralized “theme”. That theme could be as easy as a color scheme, or it could be something more complex like nautical decoration or a noir-style décor. Whatever the theme might be, you’ll help your mind feel more organized and screwed in straight if you’re creating a cohesive and “together” aesthetic for your home.

These are our tips on how changing your home can make you a happier person. We would strongly encourage you to seek medical help for your depression if it’s significantly impacting your ability to live your everyday life, but if it’s mild to moderate then we think these tips can work wonders. Let us know how they work out for you and if we missed any!

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