How To Eat Healthy When You’re Depressed?

How To Eat Healthy When You're Depressed? a woman looking at the dish

Your emotional state can easily sway your appetite, especially if you are suffering from mental illness. Depression, for instance, can make it hard for you to feed yourself properly. This can mess with your overall well-being and health.

As much as depression can render you incapable of caring about life, you should not let it. At least have a meal, or two per day to keep going and with time, you will regain your momentum. If cooking seems like a hard task, you can always order a healthy meal from Toronto healthy meal delivery.

As for now here is how to eat healthy when you are depressed.

Keep Your Food Easy and Simple

Depression usually makes it hard to shower and eat. It can be very hard for some people to understand this, as they would term it as laziness.

The lack of motivation to move about and make proper food choices can be overwhelming to the point you can opt to go hungry or eat whatever is at your disposal.

However, you can combat this bad habit by stocking up some healthy nutritional food products, some of which can help you fight depression.

Some common food products for beating depression that you can stock up are canned premium white chicken, premium canned tuna or salmon, whey protein, instant oatmeal, quinoa, or rice, avocado, mixed salad, eggs, yoghurt, nuts and seeds, as well as bananas. You can also stock up some frozen dinner, it is much better than binge eating or having nothing at all.

How To Eat Healthy When You're Depressed? nuts

As much as you can buy fresh products and chop it yourself, the motivation can be lacking. So it will not kill you to spend some extra dollars of pre-cut fruits and vegetables like zucchini noodles and celery. Having such food products at arms-length can keep you going, while motivating you to stay active.

Nonetheless, even as you keep your diet simple to avoid too much hassling with food, you still have to ensure that you are getting enough nutrients from your food choices. Some top nutrients that can help with mental health are omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron, magnesium as well as amino acids.

Choose a Meal to Make Each Week

As much as you are heavily depressed, find the little motivation you have left to, at least cook a meal each week. You can start small with easily achievable meals like slow cooker meals, frittatas, veggie noodle pasta, and even muffins.

Cooking a decent meal each week can help you beat depression, as it can make you active while boosting your mood. It can inspire some creativity, as you add an ingredient here and there to make the recipe your own.

How To Eat Healthy When You're Depressed? cooking a meal

A little music can also make the process fun, this way you do not feel alone. You can make the weekly cooking a habit, for a better health.

Complement Your Diet with a Fitness Goal of Activity

Even though you may be depressed, do something with your life. Do not just sit there and feel bad about every little thing.

One way to stay active is to set a fitness goal, this way you make your eating purpose driven. It can be running, surfing, bodybuilding or just walking. Whichever, you choose let it be your focus for healthy eating. This way you stay fit and healthy even when you are at your lowest.

Do not Judge Yourself

It is important to stay healthy when depressed and this means not torturing yourself mentally with things beyond your control. Some days will be good, and you will eat healthy and exercise well for a better tomorrow, but some days may be too tough that you will be grateful just to get out of your bed, and that is ok and understandable.

Mental health is not a joke, so do not judge yourself, just try to be active and stay positive for a better physical and mental health.

How To Eat Healthy When You're Depressed? think positive

Evaluate What You Follow On Social Media

Social media can at times depress you further, especially if you tend to look up to some celebrity models and actors with fine bodies. Almost everyone wants to achieve that magazine body. This can make your everyday life harder.

You can stop to eat healthy, since you are not achieving your desired magazine look. This can leave you depressed and angry with yourself. However, you should remember that those people you look up to do it for a living. It is their job to have that body, and as any other job it does not come easy.

The best thing is to unfollow some people or websites that often make you feel depressed and unworthy. This way you get to focus on the real you, by eating healthy no matter the outcome.


In conclusion, no matter what you are going through mentally, always remember that your contribution to society is valued, so get on up and show some initiative. You are always needed.

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