Is CBD Oil Good Or Bad For Mental Health?

Is CBD Oil Good Or Bad For Mental Health? cbd oil

Cannabidiol, also commonly known as CBD, is one of the over 100 chemicals (cannabinoids) found in the marijuana plant. The most well-known compound from marijuana is the controversial and psychoactive cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which causes the “high” sensation and is commonly associated with the marijuana plant. But unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not have the mind-altering effect. Due to this non-psychoactive trait, CBD is used as an option for those seeking relief from pain, mental disorders, and other symptoms.

CBD oil explained

CBD oil is made CBD extract from the cannabis plant, which is then diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil. It is becoming popular in the health and wellness circles as some scientific studies are confirming that it may have some health benefits. It is commonly accessed in its oil form, but since it can be inhaled, smoked, or vaporized, it is found in other forms such as oral droppers, massage oil, topical treatments, and sprays.

Is CBD Oil Good Or Bad For Mental Health? cannabis product oil

Is CBD oil good for mental health?

Well, at the moment, there is no conclusive answer to this big question. According to some medical professionals, the short and simple answer to the question is: it might be. The suggestion from some researchers is that CBD can assist with reducing symptoms of psychosis, for example hearing voices and seeing things that are not there. Furthermore, researchers have also observed the potential of CBD oil to minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as to deal with substance abuse disorders. For CBD oil to deal with these issues and others, users should buy quality CBD oil from reliable vendors who can even be reached online like Berkshire CBD.

Anxiety and other similar disorders are mental health disorders that are quite common and could have devastating effects on people’s health and wellbeing. They are typically treated with pharmaceutical drugs, but the drugs can have severe side effects including headache, drowsiness, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and more. Other medications may be addictive, which could lead to substance abuse.

CBD oil has portrayed promise as a medication for anxiety and depression, which has made a significant number of those with these disorders consider it.

The study on the use of CBD oil to treat anxiety

A study was conducted on the efficacy of CBD oil in treating anxiety. 24 people with a social anxiety disorder were given either 600mg of CBD or a placebo (an inactive substance resembling a drug) ahead of participating in a public speaking test. It was observed that the group that received the CBD had noticeably less anxiety, speech performance problems, and cognitive impairment when compared with the group that got the placebo.

Is CBD Oil Good Or Bad For Mental Health? cbd

Potential of treating other mental disorders

CBD oil has also shown the potential to safely treat insomnia as well as anxiety in children affected by post-traumatic stress disorder. Despite the potential of CBD oil to treat various mental issues, there is a need for additional research to determine the right doses for effective treatment.


CBD oil has shown the potential of treating mental disorders like psychosis, anxiety, and other mental health disorders, but there is need for further research. However, caution should be taken when using CBD oil as it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for US residents, so there are no federal laws that direct its production. As such, there are no universal guidelines on the right dosage and forms of delivering CBD oil. It is also always advisable to seek your medical practitioner’s advice before embarking on the use of CBD oil or any other medication. The issue of the legality in your specific state as far as the usage of CBD oil is concerned is also something that you need to find about.

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