Jobs for Introverts – Make the Right Choice

Jobs for Introverts – Make the Right Choice
Jobs for Introverts – Make the Right Choice

What is profession or job perfect for an introvert when a person tries to minimize contacts with people or does not want to work in a team? We will discuss it in this article. Explore different jobs for introverts.

So, a test has shown that you are an introvert or you have decided on your own a long time ago that you’re more introverted than extroverted. You do not like to communicate with people and sometimes do try to avoid unnecessary meetings and contacts with strangers and even acquaintances. Moreover, you want to have a job where communication with people is minimized. Don’t be upset. There are a number of jobs for introverts, so it’s up to you to choose what you like and what suit your talents.

What is like being an introvert?

Introverts, as a rule, fear of communicating with strangers, are afraid of changes in their lives and work, when something violates their routine and peace. The introvert prefers a personal task or an individual project to work in a team and public speaking. Introverted person’s behavior may be noticed during childhood, also, he may avoid any contact during a certain period of his life, such as adolescence or after suffering a personal experience. It also happens that people who worked for many years where it is necessary to communicate constantly with people, they start suffering from excessive communication and try to avoid it, as a result, they become introverts. Statistics shows that people consider themselves introverts about a quarter of the total population. A quarter of the population that is prone to introversion has trouble in finding a job for the soul and with a minimum of dialogue.

Such focus on inner needs of introverts is normal behavior for them to hide their interesting and entertaining inner world from “aliens”. The ability to focus on one goal makes introverts more successful people in work and life than extroverts who are not always able to focus on one thing since they often try to perform many activities not knowing how to finish things and they waste their time and effort in vain.

What jobs should introverts forget about?

Introverts should avoid selling jobs related to sales. It is necessary not only to establish contact with the client but also improvise, give emotions, build dialogue. This all does not fit the behavior of an introvert.

Working for a large corporation is not an introvert’s dream. In large corporations, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people. The introvert will not be able to exist comfortably in this “anthill”.

Teacher, tutor, psychologist do not fit. These professions require communication with strangers every day – it will be too stressful for an introvert.

Jobs for introverts: So, what types of jobs do fit for introverts?

The strengths of an introvert are his creativity, the ability to break down stereotypes and analyze. Introverts tend to have an excellent memory and are able to make well-deliberated decisions. So, here is a list of jobs for introverts.

header-1 Work with numbers

If you do not want to communicate with people, choose the profession of an accountant, financier, economist, stockbroker or financial analyst. These occupations are associated with the processing of the incoming digital data using clearly defined algorithms and rules, they require developed logical thinking, perseverance, and diligence. Such jobs are associated with monotonous and repetitive work, which may seem dull to extroverts, but they are ideal for introverts.

Work With Numbers

header-2 Work in the IT-industry

If you are an introvert then choose a computer as a tool. If you like this idea then you can get a job of the programmer, system administrator, web designer, site administrator. Working in this sphere, you will be able to limit meetings and communicate with clients via e-mail, perform tasks in a convenient place and any time. In addition, a large percentage of IT-specialists are freelancers.

Work in the IT-industry

header-3 Writing and journalism

Introverts are perfectly able to express their thoughts, so writing texts and articles is great for people preferring solitude to communication. Those people who have developed imagination can focus on creating fiction, and who have a lot of experience that may be useful to another generation – writing educational books. In addition, today copywriter’s (or rewriter’s) job gains more and more popularity. Or start with a librarian’s work.

A designer’s job is very popular and highly paid. If you consider yourself a creative person, you can do any design in an interesting area for you – from interior design and finishing with web-design. Designers usually do not work as a team, they have individual projects in order to express a personal creative vision.


header-4 Marketing research

If you have developed logical and analytical thinking, at the same time you are not a stranger to creativity, you can choose a career in marketing. Researching the market and the product is not always related to communication with people, rather with proper processing of the collected information plus it can be carried out remotely without daily office visits.

Marketing research

header-5 Scientific and research activities

Such work is highly individual and is perfect for an introvert, allowing to realize their full academic and creative potential, but does not always bring financial well-being in the first few years of scientific activity.

research activities

header-6 Creative activity

If, for example, you can draw well or take pictures, then you may become an artist, photographer, musician, goldsmith, and so on. It is not necessary to communicate with people.


header-7 Driving vehicles

Working as a driver is perfect for introvert since contacts with people are limited, it requires attention and concentration.


header-8 Work with animals and plants

This is one of the nicest jobs for introverts. If you love animals and plants, you can become a veterinarian, dog handler, trainer, and grower. Working with animals and plants is less stressful and more rewarding than working with people.

Work with animals

It is wonderful if you know your temperament before making one of the most important and responsible choices in life – the choice of profession. It would be very disappointing after ten years to understand that one had chosen the wrong profession. It is recommended to choose according to temperament. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is crucial, but the most important thing is an internal satisfaction that you are doing the right thing. If you are still in doubt, pass the test of Eysenck to determine the temperament then you will know it for sure.

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    Hey, I thought your article could be helpful to some people with depression and/or introverted thought process – but it’s really misleading.

    As an introverted thinker who suffers from depression, I can tell you sales is our game! Natuarly we think more about the client than we do ourselves and we try to learn before we speak.

    In the company I work in (and I’m introverted and suffer from depression), I bring in more money than the 9 people below me in total (ie add up their sales – I win). I’m top by miles! Why?

    I do that not because I’m extroverted, but because my human condition of introversion and depression allows me to put my clients needs before mine. By doing that – I’m a (very reluctant) super star, both with my boss and my clients.

    Extroverts may have nicer clothes I do agree

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