The Melancholic Personality Type: Definition & Features


Thanks to this temperament, we can enjoy masterpieces of literature, poetry, and music. Traits of melancholic temperaments are interesting – people are intelligent and talented. Peculiarities of this personality type brought refinement and sophistication into our life.

What does melancholic mean?

Melancholic features can be described in three words – isolation, vulnerability and thoughtfulness. People with this personality type live with increased anxiety and have a complex inner world. They are very sensitive and vulnerable.

Often melancholic personality type has great taste, imagination, creativity and subtle style. A person with this type of temperament is very serious and pays attention to his own words and actions. One may say: “He does not throw words to the wind.” For example, if a person promised and could not fulfill it then he will suffer from it, even if in such situation he could not do much. Moreover, such a situation may lead to depression and complete isolation.isolation, vulnerability and thoughtfulness

Melancholic temperament

This type of personality is weak, sensitive and vulnerable, the nervous system can not withstand long-lasting loads. Such people do not like changes in their lives. They are always cautious when it is necessary to change a job, place of residence, marital status or position in society. They try to live in one place.

The mood is unstable but people with this temperament try to hide it, not showing their feelings and emotions. Since they tend to experience anxiety, they often develop neurotic disorders. Increased sensitivity and perception mean that even a slight problem may cause tears and offenses.slight problem may cause tears and offenses

Peculiarities of melancholic

Self-esteem. Self-esteem, as a rule, is low in comparison with the other three types of temperament. People with this personality type are unconfident and they do not believe in luck and exaggerate their weaknesses. They are prone to self-analysis and self-criticism.

Work. Such people have the weak nervous system, they are unbalanced and slow. When performing any work, they get tired quickly, so they need frequent rest. They are not able to work under extreme and stressful conditions. People with expressed melancholic features rarely occupy senior positions. Melancholic people are dependent on emotional support and colleagues mood.

Society. It is difficult to make new friends plus they are not interested in communication with other people. They focus on their inner worlds, their “Self”. In public, they are detached, not maintaining conversations, behave socially passive. Such people prefer to stay in the shadow while they like when others care about them. When dealing with people of the other three personality types, melancholic temperament has trouble in communication with active sanguine.

Relations. In relations with the opposite sex, this type of temperament behaves passively, does not want to show feelings. In romantic relationships, people with this temperament wait for activity from their partners. As a rule, such people love one person. Because of emotional weakness and vulnerability, it is necessary to avoid sudden phrases and be thoughtful and attentive.Peculiarities of melancholic

Test: Am I Melancholic?

Different tests help to determine this type of temperament. It is sufficient to answer several questions. You should answer quickly without thinking, “yes” or “no”. Write down your answers and then count. If “yes” prevails, it means that you have some features of melancholic.

  • Are you timid and shy?
  • Usually, you are lost in new, unfamiliar environment, aren’t you?
  • You do not believe in your strengths and abilities, do you?
  • Do you prefer loneliness to communication with others?
  • You are not able to bear problems and difficulties, are you?
  • Does your speech sound uncertain and is it quiet?
  • Are you sensitive?
  • Do you like when people empathize you?
  • Do you strive to be perfect in everything?
  • Are you wary?
  • Are you a vulnerable person?

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    Though I enjoyed the article, I just wanted to point out that many of us who have this personality are not weak, as you state. I think it is important to look at the lives of people, you may be surprised at the amount of emotional, verbal, or physical abuse or toxicity that they had to endure in adolescence or even adulthood. It takes a great deal of strength to go through that and still manage to make it through life.

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