The Phlegmatic Personality Type: What to Expect?


What does phlegmatic mean?

A phlegmatic person can be easily found in a crowd. The major traits of this personality type are seriousness and modesty. He always tries to avoid disputes, quarrels, and scandals. Therefore, in most conflict situations, he will agree with all the arguments in order to get rid of troubles. However, he will remain calm and balanced, without showing any emotions.

This person will not make hasty and rash decisions since he is characterized by self-control, kindness, and sobriety. So he “halts” and thinks carefully about his actions. This personality type is not characterized by rage or aggression, a person always remains calm. To do this, he does not need to make any effort since emotional balance is in his nature.

If he does not get along with someone, a person tends to fix everything and establish a relationship once again because he does not like life changes and partings. In an unfamiliar situation or a new team, it takes time before a person adapts and makes friends.will remain calm and balanced

Phlegmatic temperament

This personality type has a certain model of behavior that never changes. Phlegmatic temperament is somewhere between the other temperaments. For example, he is able to positively affect and balance the active sanguine or watch the violent choleric and never catch the bad mood from the melancholic.

Person’s temperament can be recognized not only when communicating with him but also by his manner of moving and the ability to behave in society. As a rule, they move slowly. Their gestures and facial expressions in comparison with other types are limited and inexpressive. Most of them are introverts but at the same time, they are always ready to listen and give a piece of advice. If one or two of your friends are phlegmatic, appreciate them – they are the most reliable and good friends.reliable and good friends

Peculiarities of phlegmatic

Self-esteem. A phlegmatic is able to adequately assess himself but sometimes he underestimates his actual capabilities and abilities. Often he loses confidence sine he is an extremely modest person and does not like boasting.

Work. At work, a phlegmatic is systematical. People with this temperament can not leave work unfinished and immediately move to something else because they do not like unfinished or unexpected tasks. It takes time to adapt to a new task. Therefore, jobs that require refocusing and speed of actions are not suitable for this personality type.

Society. It is difficult to make new friends and adapt to new people. But thanks to the emotional stability they are easy to get along with all types of temperament.

Relationships. Since a phlegmatic person hides his emotions and feelings, the loved one should be able to “read” the hidden emotions and mood of his partner. This temperament type experiences the strongest and deepest feelings but a person will not express his emotions.phlegmatic person hides his emotions and feelings

Test: Am I Phlegmatic?

Temperament can be determined passing the simple test – in is necessary to answer “yes” or “no”. If yes prevails then you have some traits of this temperament.

  • Are you usually calm, restrained and dispassionate?
  • Are you logical in your plans and actions,?
  • Do you have such traits as wariness, prudence, and care?
  • Can you wait?
  • Are you unsociable, do not like chatting in vain?
  • Is your speech quiet without emotions and facial expressions?
  • Do you prefer to save your energy?
  • Do you prefer routine, when your day is planned?
  • Are you able to accept criticism adequately?
  • Is it difficult to change activities?
  • Do you have good relations with others?

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