PMS Help! What is Premenstrual Syndrome in Symptoms?

PMS: SOS! Why is Premenstrual Syndrome Such a Bitch?
PMS: SOS! Why is Premenstrual Syndrome Such a Bitch?

When your angel is a monster

So you think that your woman is actually that nagging, irritated, vulnerable, wild and evil creature? Yes, she really is! But you have to know immediately – it’s out of her control. Although you thought you’ve married a tolerant, intelligent and gentle woman – she becomes a prisoner of hormones as she turns 30. The further – the worse, unfortunately. The number of pregnancies plays a significant role, impacting the development of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) at the most reproductive age.

Nature has programmed the body considering the dangers of the environment for the fetus and the low survival rates of the human posterity. However, the evolution of the body goes its own, slow way, comparing to the level of the development of the modern civilization. Thus, 300 years ago, your woman by the of 30 would have gone through 8-10 pregnancies and her hormones, which play their games in the second part of the cycle, would be completely spent for the support for the development of the fetus. The menstruation itself is “tears for the not happened pregnancy”. And all the other reactions are the consequences of the missed pregnancy as well. Do you want to take a short walk in her shoes?

What does her body feel (physical symptoms of PMS):

  • PMS physical symptomsShe feels clumsy (sense of disorientation, loss of body control and grace.
  • She has a headache! Not the “not now headache”, but real one, because of the high blood pressure
  • She may have diarrhea or bloating – these are the most spread physical symptoms
  • She will gain weight because her body stores water at preparing to the bleeding
  • She may feel animal hunger
  • She may want more sex because of the hormones
  • She may have stomach pains because menstruation is less natural, than childbirth
  • She feels inexhaustible hunger (this may be due to the possibility of pregnancy – it’s an uncontrollable desire)
  • Acne (sebaceous glands are maximum intense 7 days before the bleeding phase)

Now imagine you feel that all at the same time and think – how would you compromise? Those were only the physical issues of the topic. The worse share occurs for those emotional ones, that men don’t know how to treat. You may tell her, that she is an adult woman and should control her temper, but consider that this condition is more a disorder, rather than misbehavior of your bad girl. Would you try to wake her consciousness, if she had pneumonia? Or would you assist her in coping?

What does her soul feel (mental symptoms of PMS):

  • PMS mental symptomsLost
  • Vulnerable and fragile
  • Irritated
  • Unsafe
  • Bad-looking
  • Undervalued
  • Mistreated
  • Misunderstood
  • Angry
  • Loss of concentration

Again – imagine you have all these feelings + acne. Would it contribute anything positive into the relationship with your spouse? No! And this is not the fault of the woman: the less times she gets pregnant the more menstruations she’d have to survive. And menstruation is bleeding at the exit of the endometrium, which looks like a messy wound inside the uterus.

I’m not trying to justify a bad character, which may also be closely related to hormonal issues, but I’m trying to say, that PMS is not a whim, but quite a disturbing ailment. And usually, women don’t relate these unpleasant changes with the natural processes of their body. It’s where the cool-headed man may participate to put everything on its place.

Why should you take action in a woman business?

Have you chosen a life partner you want to share the joys and sorrows with? But mainly joys, right? Then contribute into joys by minimizing sorrows.

  • PMS physical symptoms 2Get yourself her menstrual cycle calendar and follow it daily, forecast the emotional swings and remind your woman that her mood is nothing but a natural process
  • Get ready with the SMS templates to help her self-esteem up (words matter)
  • Try to eat healthy food and keep her warm 7 days before the periods.
  • If she is a mind-worker – try to reduce her brain activity with funny movies compilations
  • Let her chill out. Crying is good to release the increased level of adrenaline: pretend you want to watch “P.S. I love you” together with her.
  • Don’t fight with her overeating (she’d loose the weight after the periods)
  • Be patient and understanding and constantly remind her, that you are common with the issue and know how to deal it.
  • Be a man! You know, how to be a man? Strong, fearless, participating and caring.

Any cure?

As for the treatment – there are natural and medical remedies to relief the symptoms of PMS:

  • Birth control pills may reduce the symptoms because they switch off the reproductive function of the ovaries and minimize the load and the impact of pre-menstruation processes in the body.
  • Regular sex may reduce anxiety, irritation, and low self-esteem in women
  • Healthy food: avoiding spicy, salty, fat food
  • Vitamins of the B group consumption, B6 in particular
  • Anti-Prostaglandin drugs – indomethacin, naproxen (in case of severe symptoms)
  • Herbal tea (mint, chasteberry, lemon balm)
  • It’s a remedy for 9 months only, so you cannot overuse the method

In conclusion

PMS If you are a woman – you have to realize consciously, that PMS is a controllable state, which undesirable outcomes may affect your private life and offend your close ones. Try to figure out, how to assist yourself in the situation, which may lead to temporary incapacity. The hormones may misguide your behavior, but you have to keep in mind that any brutal signs of PMS are better to be corrected. And before creating a union with a man – eliminate his ignorance towards the issue by giving him information about the woman body. Educate yourself in order to cope with the issues, that may affect your life in a wrong way.

If you are a man – be a man – love and protect your woman even is her worst behavior and her most severe PMS.

Wish you joy!










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