Sadness – How to Get Rid of Sadness and Sorrow

Sadness – How to Get Rid of Sadness and Sorrow
Sadness – How to Get Rid of Sadness and Sorrow

Sometimes each of us experience sorrow, melancholy, sadness and gloom – it is normal for our psyche, but if such feelings take control over our lives and other emotions, we must first think about the destructive consequences for us and our health. Many researchers tend to associate this state with some peculiarities of the mysterious person’s soul. At the same time, psychiatrists and other physicians find a long stay in this oppressed condition dangerous and this state is called depression. According to religion, sadness is one of the seven deadly sins.

sorrowIf sadness and sorrow last more than 2-3 weeks, doctors say about the beginning of depression. If we remain alone with sorrow and sadness for a long time, in addition to heartache we will suffer from physical pain. And in this case, do not be afraid of psychotherapy.

Doctors are familiar well with such situations when mental suffering causes heart pain, provokes gastric disorders, fever and blood pressure, and even ulcer. It is a kind of a vicious circle: the person has experienced a lot of stress – for this reason, the heart is affected – all thoughts are about pain – the mood is lower and lower – and eventually one may develop coronary heart disease.

How to fight the stressed state, sadness, and sorrow

First of all, you need to identify the main symptoms of the destructive processes timely. These include:

  • drowsinessInsomnia or just sleep disorders, drowsiness
  • Change in appetite (its total loss or overeating)
  • Decreased sexual needs
  • Functional bowel disorders (constipation)
  • Weakness, fatigue when you perform normal mental and physical activities
  • Discomfort and pain in different areas of the body (for example, muscle, stomach, heart).

If you experience several signs mentioned above, it is necessary to take action. Here are some techniques developed in psychotherapy:

  • Drug therapy that is used for severe and prolonged depression. There are a lot of drugs – from simple soothing drops and sleeping pills to the strongest antidepressants
  • Group and individual psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture.
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If these methods are unavailable, you can always try to increase overall body tone on your own and cheer yourself up. What you should do:

header-1Admit that everything is really too bad, your state is dangerous but you have to go through it and do not ignore the disease pretending that everything is okay.

header-2Tell yourself that other people act, live, life for them has a value and meaning, and for you too. Do not create your own gloomy world.

header-3Try to eliminate salty and spicy. Such food greatly excites the nervous system, and so your nerves are on edge. It is better to eat sweets in order to lift your mood. The sweets contain glucose, which stimulates positive brain activity. Since childhood, the body perceives sweets as something good, and even during adulthood, it will produce notes of pleasure.

header-4decoction of St. John'sDrink a decoction of St. John’s wort, because one of the reasons of the depressed state is the lack of serotonin, St. John’s wort promotes its active production.

header-5If you want to weep, then weep. And, especially if you are an introvert, you have to sound off, share your feelings with your close person or friend.

header-6Remember that the person who takes his problems and pain to heart, also is able to empathize, understand the misfortunes of others, he overcomes his suffering easier. So try to get distracted and do not focus only on yourself.

header-7When you are sad, do not try to do nothing, it is always better to be engaged in any physical work – jogging or swimming is the best, cycling and horse riding are very interesting, even hiking – since the movement and physical load help the body to produce hormones of joy – endorphins which help to cope with the sad and depressed mood. But in any case, do not walk around slowly, otherwise, only black thoughts will visit your head.

header-8Devote your spare time to your favorite hobbies: reading, learning a foreign language, listening to good music – the important thing is that your soul is happy.

header-9Do not try to make important decisions when you are sad and depressed, make them later when you feel better.

header-10Try to spend more time on sleep than you usually spend. The depressed mood is accompanied with insomnia, sleep is the best remedy. Before going to bed, open the windows, so the stream of fresh air helps you to sleep more and be cheerful.

header-11change the color of wallsTry to change the environment – go to the woods, countryside, another town, depression will not go away if you are surrounded by four walls which you know like the back of your hand.

header-12Try to change your décor – surround yourself by light and beautiful objects, change the color of your walls or something else that can bring your aesthetic pleasure. Try aromatherapy – there are a large number of essential oils that can cheer up a sad person.

And, finally, try to live today, learn how to enjoy life today, think less about tomorrow’s problems.  Do not be too self-critical, do not collect insults, do not let your past destroy your present. And do not be afraid of the future – because most of our imagined misfortunes never happen.


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