The Sanguine Personality Type: Am I Sanguine?


What Does Sanguine Mean?

People who belong to the “sanguinetemperament type are resistant to various psychological stress. Even in a stressful situation, they can control emotions and feelings and act calmly. They easily adapt to the circumstances. Such people have a high social adaptability and their behavior is very flexible.

They easily move from one task to another and perform a new task with ease and enthusiasm. Such a person has a lot of energy. But in order to save it, he should receive a lot of pleasant emotions every day that can be provided by the constant changes of action and vivid impressions. If the source of new experiences dries up and the day is monotonous, sanguine people will become lethargic and indifferent.

You should not consider that sanguine is the best temperament, it has many strengths but there are weaknesses as well.


  • He is a soul of a company, he brings only good mood;
  • He is sociable;
  • He is an excellent speaker, has the gift of persuasion;
  • He feels time, always is able to do more than other for the same period of time.He is an excellent speaker, has the gift of persuasion


  • He is superficial, thus, he has no true friends but knows many people;
  • he adores new experiences, maintains an active lifestyle, thus he can not build a family because he does not need it or considers family as some limit of his freedom;
  • he has many ideas but he loses interest quickly;
  • he may promise a lot but doesn’t always keep his promises.he may promise a lot but doesn’t always keep his promises.

This temperament type is perfect for such professions where a person can use his gift of persuasion and communication skills: advertising, marketing, sales, management, advocacy, coaching, and personnel selection.

Character and Temperament Traits

Sanguine are active and energetic people, they have plenty of energy. They are characterized by kindness and a desire to help others. They are never depressed and do not focus on the problems. These people are cheerful, easy-going and have a great sense of humor. A sanguine person can be called a hopeless optimist. A sanguineous person is self-confident, he likes talking about his success. He may have high self-esteem. He is hard-working and disciplined. Such a person cannot perform monotonous work. He is good at multifunctional work.hopeless optimist

This type of temperament is the most sociable. This personality type is easy to communicate with new people and reach an understanding. He likes to be in the center of attention. He has a lot of friends and acquaintances but few close friends. If you want to hold attention and love of the sanguine – it is necessary to be different, surprise and amuse him since sameness is boring.

This personality type can be recognized by the following signs:

  • a person quickly reacts to events;
  • he loves new experiences, they are vitally important;
  • he goes through failures easy;
  • facial expressions and movements are expressive;
  • he is agile.

Test: Am I Sanguine?

Try to figure out whether you are sanguine or not. Answer “Yes” or “No”, if 90% is yes then you are sanguine. If only 50%, you should remember that a “pure” temperament is uncommon and traits of sanguine are combined with the traits of choleric or phlegmatic. This simple test helps you find out whether you have expressed traits of sanguine.

You are sanguine if you are (have):

  • fast and mobile;
  • active;
  • agile;
  • careless;
  • sociable;
  • eager to talk;
  • ready to work a lot;
  • easy going;
  • responsive to requests of others;
  • friendly;
  • able to adapt to new situations and environment;
  • an artistic and bright person;
  • hot-tempered;
  • not responsible;
  • unstable in interests and desires;
  • flexible;
  • positive attitude towards everything;
  • happy most of the time.

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