Seven Great Ways to Make Your Lady Parts Feel Better After Birth

postpartum pains - how to overcome

Once a woman becomes pregnant everyone is careful about how to handle her. She is aware that for the next nine months she is carrying a baby who will be born. She undergoes labor during childbirth and after that the postpartum pains step in which most mothers may have not been well prepared for.

There are several ways that they can feel better and the following are some that can be of great help which is recommended by the gynecologists and they are listed as below. Always consult a doctor since some may not be favorable for breastfeeding mothers.

header 1 Soaking in a Sitz Bath

This is whereby one fills a basin with warm water and places in a toilet seat. Most hospitals provide a postpartum kit. One is supposed to place it in the basin and sit on it for 15- 20 Minutes.

The main reason for this is to increase the blood flow, hence speeding up the healing and repair process.

header 2 Use of the dryer after Sitz Bath

Once done with the Sitz birth, or even after peeing, turn on a dryer, for example, the hair dryer.

For comfort, sit with your legs set apart and place the dryer about 8 inches away from the body and aim it at the areas-the vagina or the peeing area.

Dry it for about three minutes. This helps one to avoid using a toilet paper which may cause pain to any wounded are.

When the parts are dry, infections will be reduced yeasts will not have a breeding ground.

header 3 Asking for support and assistance

postpartum pains - a new familyThis is a time that people come to celebrate with the mother on the entry of a new member in the family.

It’s important to ask for help like holding the baby for some time, helping in the house duties and they will be ready to help since they also want you to be strong again.

header 4 Using Ice Pack

These are disposable ice packs which have the shape of the maxi pad, and they play a significant role when placed in the vagina area to prevent any swelling. It is recommendable to cover them with a clean cloth while using and one can leave it for around 20 minutes which will help to minimize any inflammation.

header 5 Use of tea bags

Tea bags and especially have properties which are anti-inflammatory and this helps reduce the perennial pains.

Deep the tea bags in half a cup of boiling water wait for it to cool down.

Place the bags in the pants and use a pad to hold it firm and also to avoid the clothes from getting stained.

They are used to relieve pain in the breasts where one can place the bags on the sore nipples before the next breastfeeding.

header 6 Eating healthy foods

postpartum pains - healthy foodsDuring pregnancy, there are all sorts of craving for a different type of foods.

After birth, it’s time to return to the healthy life, and as such it’s advisable to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, enough proteins to rebuild any lost energy during childbirth.

Not to forget take plenty of water.

header 7 Using Witch Hazel pads

These are pads that contain tannins chemical, and they reduce any swelling and pain. They also fight bacterial infections and has hemostatic properties that will help to stop some minor bleeding.


These are some of the remedies that ladies can use to feel better and overcome the postpartum pains. When a mother has pain in the private parts, she will not be able to give the best attention to the newborn such as the low production of the milk.

If these remedies can be applied and work efficiently, then the mother is good to go.

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