Things You Can Do to Support Someone Battling Anxiety

Things You Can Do to Support Someone Battling Anxiety. a sad woman

Anxiety disorders affect several million people in the United States alone, making it the most common mental health condition. It is highly treatable, yet only some of those people battling with it actually receive treatment.

Anxiety is a natural human reaction to stress and can be helpful in certain phases in our life. It allows you to be more mindful and ready for action to overcome whatever life throws at you. However, when a person persistently experience anxiousness for a long period of time and its symptoms have already taken over the life of the person, it is imperative to immediately call for medical assistance.

If you or you know someone is constantly experiencing the signs and symptoms of anxiety, contact our caring and sensible team at Brain Wellness Spa so they can provide you with the assistance you need to overcome this mental health condition. Do not let anxiety and its associative symptoms take control over your life. If anxiety is left untreated, your life may never be the same as there are a lot of negative effects that can adversely impact your life.

In this piece, we have listed some of the effective ways of how to support someone you love in overcoming anxiety disorder.

1. Learn Everything You Can About Anxiety

The first step that everyone should take when someone in their life is suffering from anxiety is by reading and learning everything one can about anxiety. One does not need to be an expert or a medical doctor to know how to be compassionate and attend to the needs of someone who is battling with anxiety.

Things You Can Do to Support Someone Battling Anxiety. a man reading a book in the library

Learning the salient features of anxiety is a good way to establish yourself as a strong support system for your loved one as they need all the love and understanding they can get from the people around them. Be that caring and sensible person and see how powerful your support can be as it has proven to reduce the symptoms experienced by someone who is battling anxiety disorder.

2. Ask What They Need

Many people often tend to assume that they already know what somebody else needs. Some have this habit of recommending all these brilliant ideas only to hear that they’ve already tried them before but did not work well for them. This only put us in a more frustrating situation as we cannot get right how to better help them overcome their internal struggles.

If someone you know is going through something difficult and you want to help him/her to overcome this condition, the simple way to do this is by simply asking them how you can make their situation better. Stop making guesses and assumptions that you have already figured out everything they need. Instead, talk to them and ask what works best for their situation.

Things You Can Do to Support Someone Battling Anxiety. we help

Suggesting so many things at the same time can be very overwhelming for someone who is already suffering from something huge and throwing out tips and suggestions sometimes can make their situation even more miserable and painful. We get that we all just want that special someone feels better so instead of tossing something out that worked out for you before, try to keep them to yourself and just ask them how you can help them, plain and simple.

3. Get Involved in the Healing Process

If you have someone in your life who is battling with anxiety, their recovery process will become more bearable if they know that he/she has your support and understanding while they’re trying to work out their mental health issues.

Things You Can Do to Support Someone Battling Anxiety. help

Try to do things together. Ask them what fun and exciting things they want to try during your free time and make sure to support their suggestions. Distraction is an important part of the recovery process as this will allow our brain to shift its focus on other aspects of our life. Supporting our loved ones to focus on other things in life such as going on a vacation, or attending yoga classes can be beneficial in helping them cope well in life.

4. Encourage Him/Her to Seek Professional Help

Part of being a good support system to the people suffering from anxiety is by accepting the fact that we cannot give them all they need to feel better. Instead, what we can do is to persuade them to see someone who specialises in the said field because they can bring their life back to normal. Encourage them to visit his/her most trusted medical expert so they can assist him/her better before anxiety takes over his/her life. If you or someone you love has been enduring the symptoms of anxiety, let this end now and immediately reach out for professional help as soon as possible. There are various treatment options now available, both in terms of therapy and medication, that can help you reduce and heal the signs and symptoms that come with anxiety.

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