Things You Should Never Say to a Student of Psychology

Things You Should Never Say to a Student of Psychology. a thinking girl

Psychology is among the toughest subjects, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This doesn’t mean everyone pursuing this discipline is an extraterrestrial nor has rather insane intentions. No, it’s a common subject that interests most students.

Speaking of whom, following we are mentioning a few things you should never say to a student of psychology, do mind these!

Can You Tell What am I Thinking?

A common thing most psychology students hear. It’s by far the stupidest thing you can say to a student of psychology.  There is a difference between telepathic and psychology. Therefore, anyone studying psychology doesn’t learn how to read your mind. So, don’t worry you are safe. Just stop making an idiot out of yourself.

Are you Psychoanalyzing me at the moment?

There is no point to evaluate everyone you meet. No student of psychology wants to do that after mere seconds of meeting you, they have far better things to do. They don’t know much about you, and they are not trained to analyze people just by having a look at them. Study of Psychology doesn’t work this way.

Things You Should Never Say to a Student of Psychology. 2 girls talk

Let Me Tell You My Issues

Psychology students have not licensed therapist. Plus, therapy is a respective subcategory of psychology, and it takes time to master. If you need someone to counsel your mental outlook, you better consult a trained counselor. They can offer you professional help and how you can fix your life. Just don’t bother any student with your troubles, they have enough on their plate already.

Can I Have a Discount for Therapy?

This is more of a joke because students will treat it as such. This is not the right thing to say, and don’t tell everyone that your family needs therapy. Once again, you have to stop making yourself look bad.

Things You Should Never Say to a Student of Psychology. study

It’s Girly

For your kind information, psychology is not a female dominated subject, the profession might, but more men have started to show interest in this description than before. If you doubt this, then know the fact that most of the lecturers are male.  The content that is taught here is not feminine, so you need to drop this mindset.

Social Science

Psychology is a real subject, and its high time people start treating it as such. Yes, there are a lot of people who believe it’s not. Psychology is mostly known for being an interdisciplinary, and it does lead you to open career opportunities.

Things You Should Never Say to a Student of Psychology. students talking

Making Vague References

You don’t make yourself look cool if you try too hard at it, especially in front of psychology students. You cant do it especially if you make inaccurate or inappropriate references. If you are going to talk about something, make sure you do your research.

Why Do You Want to Do It?

First, it’s their choice, none of your concern. Second, this is a rather interdisciplinary subject which appeals to many people, and it does lead to a fruitful career path. In case you are interested to know why you can ask what the thing about psychology that interests them most is?

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