Ways to Support a Postpartum Mother

support a postpartum mother

It is estimated that nine to sixteen percent of new moms suffer postpartum depression. While there is increased awareness, there are many moms who suffer from this condition but lack support from their families. By saying this I mean there are many postpartum patients who spouses and family members say all the wrong things to them. Although everyone expects the birth of a child to be a new start for the new parents, conditions like this make it difficult for the parents to enjoy. Here are some of the ways to support a postpartum depression mom.


support a postpartum mother - support group on a picnicWe all need people who can listen to us when need to share our dilemmas. Even if the depressed mom says all the hurtful things to you, avoid talking back her. Though she is wrong, listen to her. By listening to her may help the mom realize the wrong things and come into her sense. Allow her to talk to you and ease the pain she is feeling.

Do not solve her problems

Though you might listen, it does not mean the postpartum mom has given you a go head to solve her problems. If you try doing this, you will be hurting her emotions and make her have guilty feelings.

Do not judge her

support a postpartum mother - dad walking with his little daughterAlmost everyone hates being judged. Whether you are a postpartum mom or living your healthy life, it demeans to be judged by others. Even when you see something she has done wrong, avoid judging her. Instead, support the mum by telling her that it is alright to make mistakes and that you are aware how hard she is making all efforts to handle the baby and her mental condition. This can make her feel good instead of judging her.

Share you postpartum depression experience

In case you have had postpartum depression (PPD) before, ensure to share the experience with her. Make her feel that there are other people who understand the condition. Even if you have not had postpartum before, share a condition you suffered that was as disturbing as PPD and how you managed to deal with it. It will help her look at the state positively and find a way to control it.support a postpartum mother - mom kissing her child

Give her space

We all need some time alone especially when we are in difficult time. Moms suffering from postpartum all need some time alone. By letting her have some quiet moments alone, you are helping reflect on herself. If you are not sure if she needs it, just ask her if she will need to be alone and the baby. It can be an outing with the baby but with another person around. It can be having a nap all lone or something else she would love to do.

support a postpartum mother - happy parents holding and kissing their babyIt can be hard to handle a PPD mother, but we can make it a lot easier by supporting the mum. Do not ask her questions like, “what can I do to help?” Instead, figure out what kind of help she needs and be of help when she needs it the most.

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