Why am I Depressed? 8 Common Reasons for Your Depression

Why am I Depressed? 8 Common Reasons for Your Depression
Why am I Depressed? 8 Common Reasons for Your Depression

Have you ever thought about the reasons of your bad mood, gloom, and inability to enjoy life? Sometimes you become a mystery even to yourself. What we do not understand, can seem intimidating, extremely complicated and overwhelming. In this article I will answer the question you may ask yourself Why am I depressed?”, explain why we are so sad, and I will give a few tips that will help you recover.

First of all, forget the myth that depression is a congenital disease. There are too little proofs of this hypothesis that we can say they do not exist. Many people who are diagnosed with depression, has nothing to do with genetics or biological imbalance, although depression affects the condition of the body (this is discussed below). If you know the basic information about this disease and why people sometimes feel so miserable, you will be able to deal with this condition more effectively.

To begin with, ask yourself this question: what am I lacking at the moment? What has led me to depression?

So, why am I depressed?

header-1 Do you really know what you need?

We get depressed when we worry and think about what we lack emotionally and physically. At the same time, for emotional comfort we need the following:

  • Feeling safe – our own territory and environment, which allows us to be free;
  • Attention – getting and paying your attention, we energize our emotions;
  • A sense of autonomy and control – our freedom to make independent decisions;
  • Emotional intimacy – the knowledge that at least one person accepts us as we are, with all our “skeletons in the closet”;
  • Community – we like to be a part of the group;
  • Privacy – an opportunity to reflect and analyze our own experience to create a clear picture;
  • Status – a well-defined role in life;
  • Recognition – a sense of competence and achievement of your own goals;
  • The value and purpose of life – our thoughts and actions directed to ourselves:

Why am i depressedTake a look at this list and think about what you are lacking in your life at the moment? Do not take this as an excuse for the lack of bad mood, because thanks to it, you will have the opportunity to change something. So many people live their lives, not knowing what they really need and trying to fill their inner emptiness with alcohol or drugs. Think about how to start your path to future success, which will fill in the gaps.

It’s hard not to fall into depression while you are socially isolated, doing nothing (or, on the contrary, being too loaded with problems), living with the feeling that almost anything in your life does not depend on your own. But if you make some effort in order to meet, at first, one of your needs, then the other, it will become much easier very soon, because together with the decision of each problem, many of the “spillover effects” will also disappear.

header-2 The roots of depression in the past

Depressed people are often victims of helplessness. It occurs when a person realizes that he can not resist circumstances in a difficult situation and then brings this feeling to another, or even to everything that happens to him in the future. Thus, he continues to behave as if he can not do anything.

header-3 Are you familiar with “cyclic depression”?

why am i depressed 2A man spends more time sleeping when he feels bad. Depressed people complain that sleep does not bring them the desired relief, and no wonder. Moreover, they wake up deadly tired, and the longer they sleep, the more the tired.

It turns out, the worse we feel, the more we sleep, and at this time our brain tries to comply with the normal scheme of sleep, to relieve tension. But if the mechanism of sleep is overloaded by excessive activity of the central nervous system, on account of your troubled condition, we become more fatigue and depression is aggravated.

Anxiety stimulates the desire to sleep while excessive sleep duration causes loss of motivation, energy and hope for the best. Ask yourself, what am I concerned about at the moment? What can I do to not worry so much, or even completely get rid of the problem?

header-4 Situational cause of depression

why am i depressed 3When something disturbs us, there is a feeling that the unsolved problem deprives us of oxygen. Usually, we are concerned about a situation that seems us hopeless. We are worried about loved ones when we can not do for them anything, about some moments in the past that it is already impossible to change. To decrease anxiety, we need to solve urgent problems or stop to think about it so much.

Remember, there is always an opportunity to change something.

header-5 The situation or the participants: what matters?

Mood, perception, and emotions are transmitted from person to person. Are there any people around, which may translate to you negativity, pessimism, decadent mood and other classic signs of depression? If it is possible, you should limit contacts with them and sometimes diversify your environment with more easy-going, optimistic and cheerful people.

header-6 Can physical condition be the cause of your emotional discomfort?

In addition to spiritual, we have also physical needs, and, of course, these two factors are interrelated. Lack of sleep and physical activity increases the level of stress, affecting the body and the mind, leading to fatigue and depression. This cause is rather common when we deal with the question “Why am I depressed?”

Develop a habit to “burn stress”, occasionally doing something that helps you relax. Meet your physical needs as a way to combat depression.

header-7 Do the medicines affect you?

If you have fallen into depression soon after taking some medication, consult with your doctor about their side effects. Sometimes during the treatment, the change of dose or change one drug to another can cause sharp deterioration in an emotional state. Moreover, some so-called antidepressants provoke depression as a side effect, and the refusal to receive them is accompanied by symptoms of depression, and often because of them the patient returns to tablets soon.

header-8 Is that your way of thinking helping depression?

why am i depressed 4As Shakespeare wrote,

“Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.“

Depressed people are very predictable. First, they tend to the absolute – all or nothing, black or white .Being depressed, a person does not perceive the “shades” of events, he falls into the extreme, and sees everything as a complete victory or a crushing defeat, endless happiness or deepest grief, and so on. This way of thinking is associated with an increased level of stress that a person experiences during depression, and, only aggravates the situation.

In conclusion, the cause of depression can be mixed. In order to successfully combat this condition, you must pay attention to the following:

  • What do you need in order to feel good and do well in life?
  • What efforts must be applied to meet your physical and spiritual needs?
  • How do negative mood and anxiety affect the excessive duration of your sleep, which leads to fatigue? You should consider what steps to take to solve the problem that disturbing you, or to change your attitude to the problem.
  • What life factors may be the cause of your sadness, for example, the side effects of drugs, junk food, and lack of recreation or physical activity.

Whenever I face depression, I remember the story of a little boy who one day decided to fight a huge bully, terrorizing the whole neighborhood. When the gunman appeared again, the boy boldly went to meet him, and a miracle happened: with every step the enemy was becoming smaller. Eventually, the bully became so small that he could fit in the boy’s palm!

“What is your name, the creation, which was getting smaller every time I took a step forward?” –  asked a brave boy.

“Fear” – squeaked the former giant.

I hope you found the answer on the question “Why am I depressed?”.


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