Why Wine Could Help You Fight Depression

Why Wine Could Help You Fight Depression. wine

A new study that scientists are doing nowadays states that those people who drink a little alcohol, most likely wine, are less likely to be clinically diagnosed with depression, much lesser than those who don’t drink wine or any alcoholic drinks. This study is a direct opposite to existing studies that links alcoholism to people who are depressed and depression in general.


There are significant reasons as to why little to moderate drinking of wine can help you with your depression; however, before you go to the store to pick up a bottle of wine, you still need to learn about the risks that are involved in venturing to this new medical fact.

This new study observed 5000 Spanish men and women in the age of 55-80 years of age, occasionally asking them information about their drinking habits using medical survey forms and regular visits from a doctor. All of the participants have not been abusing alcohol due to depression and do not have clinical depression. The observation lasted until seven years, and according to the results, there are about 443 people who had clinical depression.

The findings show that low to moderate drinking reduces the effects or makes the person less likely to be diagnosed with depression. These people have the habit of drinking two to seven glasses per week and had gained most of the benefits of drinking wine. They had a third of the risk of getting diagnosed with clinical depression, much lesser than people who don’t drink wine.

Moderate drinkers also have a low chance of getting clinical depression but not as much as with the low to moderate drinking people.  These numbers still held as the factors significantly differ from person to person. These factors include but are not limited to lifestyle, smoking, diet, and lifestyle choices.

Why Wine Could Help You Fight Depression. red wine

More findings also show that those people who drink more than seven glasses of wine per week increase their chance of being diagnosed with clinical depression. The study also shows that people who have higher alcohol consumption are male, with 80%+ of the population drinking more than 15g a day.

Also, those people who are heavy drinkers tend to have a considerable increase in their risk of being diagnosed with clinical depression, but as the study is limited, the researchers have no way to make sure of the findings.

Despite their findings, the researchers say that study can be overly specific, meaning that there are still cases out there that the study can’t argue. The research is limited, and in this case, it does not apply to all wine drinkers and people who have clinical depression.


The link to depression and why wine is beneficial is related can be very vague at best, but there are a lot of factors resulting in a positive note on the argument. The study leads us to antioxidants present in wine, especially resveratrol. Heart disease and depression have a lot in common; they both give you inflammation in the brain. With the help of resveratrol and another antioxidant called polyphenol, they relieve the mind of the inflammation caused by depression and heart disease.

Why Wine Could Help You Fight Depression. a glass of wine

Better Sleep

Not just antioxidants, but also beneficial compounds like melatonin. Melatonin is vital to us, especially in our sleeping habits. Melatonin is the chemical responsible for telling our body that it is tired and needs to rest, a chemical which is detectable on wine. Depending on your sleeping habits, your body releases the compound to make your body and brain relaxed and gets prepared to sleep. With wine, the release of melatonin can go faster, making you feel asleep sooner and more peacefully.

Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease

With resveratrol, the body can better repair its damaged blood barriers by letting blood flow freely in our system. It results in lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s or slowing the effects of the same disease. Also, resveratrol is an antioxidant which promotes longevity and better blood flow in our body to prevent blockage and get rid of those unwanted things in our system.

Why Wine Could Help You Fight Depression. 2 glasses of wine

Reduce Your Stress

A glass of wine per day can be relaxing if you just had a stressful day. It could boost this benefit if you’re drinking it at dinner time. Sokolin wines also has a calming effect which is needed if you just had a long day at work or school, serving as an antidepressant for your nervous system.


There are plenty of reasons to drink wine for you to avoid being diagnosed with clinical depression or lowering the symptoms of depression itself. Being depressed can be tough, especially if you are coping with it through alcohol, which can lead to substance abuse. For you to get through it, you will need all the help you can get.

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