Bipolar Disorder Treatment: Therapy and Family Support

Effective bipolar disorder treatment entails a combination of professional help and support from family and friends. If you’ve noticed the symptoms of bipolar disorder in a friend, family member or even in yourself, don’t wait

Bipolar and Suicide: The Risk Factors and Rates

If you’ve noticed the symptoms of bipolar disorder in someone or even yourself, don’t wait for it to disappear into thin air on its own. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. The life

Bipolar Depression – Description and Definition of the Disease

What is bipolar depression? To give the definition to the bipolar depression, you need to know what bipolar disorder is. Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) is an illness characterized by rapid and extreme

Bipolar Medication Guide – Everything about Bipolar Disorder Meds

Bipolar Medication Part I: Proper Use of Medications If your relative or a friend was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder, you can ease the process of treatment for your loved one. You can start with

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Plan – Medication and Therapy

If you or your relative/friend suffers from bipolar disorder, don’t postpone the visit to the doctor. The sooner you start the treatment the better chance you get to suppress the disorder. Timely and effective treatment

Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Types Of Manic Depression

We all have our ups and downs; we experience bad mood and good mood. But those people who suffer from bipolar disorder experience these mood swings in the most severe way. Usually, these peaks reveal themselves

Am I Bipolar? Find out With Two Simple Tests on Manic Depression

This article will offer two options to try and answer the question: “Am I bipolar?” Keep in mind that you can’t answer the question: “Am I bipolar?” for sure no matter what online test you take.

The Accurate Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

To get an accurate bipolar disorder diagnosis is to make a right step on the road to successful bipolar disorder treatment. It’s not always manageable. Bipolar mood changes are pretty hard to differentiate from other

13 Bipolar Disorder Facts and Myths

In this article, bipolar disorder facts and myths are collected. Very often people have the wrong representation of this disease. Bipolar disorder facts and myths Myth #1: People with bipolar disorder are maniacs and serial