A Simple Kratom Dosage Guide: This Is How Much to Take

A Simple Kratom Dosage Guide: This Is How Much to Take

Did you know that Thailand has approved kratom plants to be legally used for medicinal purposes? If you currently live in an area where kratom is legal and are ready to try it for the first time, we are here to help you with figuring out the right kratom dosage.

When it comes to kratom there is such thing as taking too much.

In the article below we will cover more about kratom strains and how much to take to avoid any negative effects.

Kratom Strains

There are three main kratom strains that you should be aware of and understand the difference. There are red veins, white veins, and green veins.

Red veins are best for pain relief, white veins are to help with stamina and focus, and green strains are great for energy.

Kratom Types

Kratom comes in a variety of forms, giving you options based on your preference. You can buy it in powder form, extracts, or capsules.

PowderA Simple Kratom Dosage Guide: This Is How Much to Take

Kratom powder is made from leaves that are dried up and then crushed. One way to take the powder is by putting it in your mouth and drinking some water. Before swallowing it, swirl it in your mouth.

This is a popular method to take kratom because it goes into your system quickly since you are not digesting anything extra. You can also make some tea with the powder or add it to a protein shake or to some yogurt.

ExtractsA Simple Kratom Dosage Guide: This Is How Much to Take

Another way to take kratom is to boil the leaves in water. This is an effective method, but you have to keep in mind that high temperatures can kill the alkaloids. The alkaloids are what give it its potency.

CapsulesA Simple Kratom Dosage Guide: This Is How Much to Take

This is a more convenient way to take kratom because you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant taste and it will give you an accurate dose. Make sure that if you choose to buy capsules you double-check that the powder in the capsule has not been mixed with any other chemicals or herbs.

Kratom Dosage Guide

When it comes to giving an exact dosage amount the answer is that this will vary. There is no specific dose for every individual because every single person reacts differently to this natural plant.

The rule of thumb when it comes to taking kratom is to start with a small amount and slowly increase your dose with time. Starting with 1g is a good beginning point. The more you take kratom the higher your tolerance will grow.

Finding your best kratom dosage will take some time. After you take your first dose wait at least 20 minutes to see how you react to it.

Ordering from a reputable place like The Kratom Connection will give you peace of mind that you are getting a good quality product. Then you can begin experimenting with how many grams you can take and have a good effect.

Ready to Try Kratom?

Now that you are more aware of taking the right kratom dosage for your needs you can try it if you haven’t yet. Please keep in mind that every state has different laws when it comes to this plant. Make sure you do your research to avoid getting into any legal trouble.

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