9 Drug Addiction Quotes That’ll Put a Spring in Your Step as Your Recover

Overcoming addiction may feel like achieving the impossible. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Millions of people have broken free from drug and alcohol abuse thanks to the support of addiction recovery programs. And many of them have spoken out about their struggles as a way of inspiring you to do the same.

Finding hope in their words of encouragement – as well as solace in their honesty – can fuel your motivation and determination to re-write your own recovery story. Here are some of the most powerful drug addiction quotes to inspire you as you recover.

1. My Recovery Must Come First So That Everything I Love In Life Doesn’t Have To Come Last – Unknown 

There are few addiction quotes quite so hard-hitting as this one. Drug addiction is so powerful and all-consuming that overcoming addiction can take all your focus. But the rewards of recovery are well worth the sacrifice.

2. When Treated as a Disease, Those Who Suffered From it Were Most Likely to Recover – Craig Ferguson

TV host Craig Ferguson recognizes that whether you or anyone else believes that addiction is a disease, treating it as such makes recovery more likely, as detailed in this story of alcohol abuse and recovery.

3. I Understood Myself Only After I Destroyed Myself. And Only In The Process Of Fixing Myself, Did I Know Who I Really Was – Sade Andria Zabala

Although this quote doesn’t refer to drug addiction directly, many recovering addicts will be able to relate to this poetic description of finding your way back to your true self.

4. Recovery Is Hard. Regret Is Harder– Brittany Burgunder9 Drug Addiction Quotes That'll Put a Spring in Your Step as Your Recover

Life coach Brittany Burgunder doesn’t pull any punches with this honest and inspiring quote that’s sure to make you think twice about putting off your journey toward addiction recovery.

5. Recovery Is About Progression, Not Perfection – Unknown

Addiction recovery is a long and ongoing process. Expecting perfection will only make that process more difficult.

6. One of the Hardest Things was Learning That I Was Worth Recovery – Demi Lovato

We’re more used to hearing catchy pop lyrics from Demi Lovato than addiction quotes. But her well-documented history of substance abuse gives her unique insight into addiction recovery.

7. I Am Not Defined By My Relapses, But By My Decision To Remain In Recovery Despite Them – Unknown 

As anyone who has experience of overcoming addiction knows, the path is often filled with detours. But finding your way back despite this is a mark of success rather than failure.

8. Recovery Can Take Place Only Within the Context of Relationships. It Cannot Occur in Isolation – Judith Herman

Many drug addiction recovery quotes focus on your individual journey toward recovery. But, while it’s true that no one can do it for you, you won’t be able to do it without the support of loved ones, sponsors, and counselors along the way.

9. Sometimes You Can Only Find Heaven by Slowly Backing Away from Hell – Carrie Fisher9 Drug Addiction Quotes That'll Put a Spring in Your Step as Your Recover

Beloved actress and writer Carrie Fisher demonstrated great courage by opening up about her personal struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. Let her words guide you toward recovery and away from addiction.

Inspiring Drug Addiction Quotes

While motivational quotes are often about strength in the face of adversity, drug addiction quotes go one step further. Hope and inspiration aren’t enough without referring to how tough addiction recovery really is.

Above all, overcoming addiction takes a commitment to action. And it’s our hope that these drug addiction recovery quotes will help you act on your desires to overcome addiction.

For more inspirational advice and resources, be sure to check out our other blog posts.

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