Depression and Addiction are Bidirectional – Here is When Depression Leads to Addiction

Depression and Addiction are Bidirectional – Here is When Depression Leads to Addiction. young sad beautiful woman suffering depression looking worried

There is nothing more fearful than feeling that you are living all alone in this whole world, and there isn’t anybody to help, listen and respond to your cry. And just imagine that depression patients live with this fear all the time!

Depression is an illness, a disorder that comes with unexplainable despair, sadness, emotionlessness, and isolation. The worst thing is that you don’t even know why you are feeling like that, how to come out of it, and whom to call for help? It feels as though you are walking alone in a dark tunnel and you don’t know when it will end. And this condition deteriorates mental condition and creates havoc in the life of people suffering from depression. Some of them commit suicide to escape from this never-ending darkness, while others seek refuge in the addiction!

Depression and addiction are bound with a weird love-hate relationship! Addiction leads to depression, and depression has been seen as a trigger for addiction. Though depression is not a cause of addiction, it makes a person more prone to addiction in many ways. According to a Drug Rehab Toronto center, these are some signs to indicate when depression makes a person sceptical to addiction:

Scared to Seek Help

Depression is proven as a medical disorder. Just like other disorders, it also needs help for the cure. But despite a lot of awareness campaigns, our society has still not accepted depression as a serious issue. That’s why many people dealing with depression feel reluctant to reach out to other people. Even they can’t openly talk about their deteriorating mental condition with their family members.

Depression and Addiction are Bidirectional – Here is When Depression Leads to Addiction. a depressed woman

Moreover, depression keeps on changing your mood at an irregular pace that it becomes hard to grasp and understand your own changing condition. So, describing it to others becomes difficult even if depression patients somehow become courageous to open up to others.

Fear of Reaction

It is not easy to live in a world filled with so many stigmas and firm preconceived notions of the people. And the people dealing with depression also have to undergo through this difficulty. Though over the past few years, we have seen immense improvement in the awareness about mental health issues, but many stigmas about depression still exist in society.

Many people prefer to stay silent rather than being judged by these stigmas. What will be the reaction of people? What will they think and talk about them? How will society deal with them? Will society accept them? These are some of the burning questions that make depressed people burning in this hell all alone without seeking help.

Depression and Addiction are Bidirectional – Here is When Depression Leads to Addiction. a girl

Nobody Can Help

Another reason why depressed people seek freedom in addiction is that they feel nobody can cure them. They feel that treatment methods are ineffective, and they are destined to live in the dark tunnel forever. One of the reasons for their disbelief might be because they themselves have made many unfruitful attempts to come out of this phase. They think that a professional might also not be able to help them. So, they refuse to seek professional treatment.

Due to all these reasons, they see addiction as the only possible way to escape from the painful thoughts and wrecked mental condition. But remember that addiction is not a solution; in fact, it is the cause of many other problems. So, get some courage and reach out to other people for help. You can do it!

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