Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Mental Illness

Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Mental Illness. writing a research paper

Clearly articulate the research topic

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of choosing a relevant and engaging topic for your research paper on mental illness. You can be assigned with a topic by your professor or have to choose it yourself. Even if you get assigned with a particular topic, and don’t like it, try to adjust it, offer options and try to convince your professor to approve your suggestions — it will be much easier for you to proceed with content later.

Formulate the purpose of the work and objectives

The purpose of the research is the desired final result, which is planned to be achieved as a result of its research in the framework of the chosen project topic. This will help with the conclusion. For example, you are writing a paper on the topic “Depression of Modern Teenagers”. Objective: To conduct a theoretical analysis of the concept of “depression”; identification of the main types of depression by causation; research of the vital factors influencing the health of the teenager. After the formulation of the project goal, we will indicate the specific tasks that you will have to solve during the research process. For example, conduct a survey among adolescents to identify anxiety and depression; find out the cause of depression in adolescents.

Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Mental Illness. writing a paper

Examine previous research on this topic

Examine all the literature on the subject of mental illness research, conduct an information search on your topic, determine to what extent it is connected and overlapped by previously scientific research. Study the literature and information on this issue for the last 10-15 years. Simultaneously with the study of information, make constructive criticism of the solutions and hypotheses proposed in it. Indicate the reasons why they might become outdated or be incorrect, why the previously proposed solutions do not satisfy the new practical needs and justify the need to find new solutions. Complete the substantiation of the novelty with brief conclusions and list the main range of issues, that will be solved and investigated in your scientific work.

Determine relevance

The relevance of the study is the degree of its importance at the moment and in this situation for solving a particular problem, task or issue. Justifying the relevance of the research topic is a basic requirement for research paper, it is an integral part of the introduction of project work. For example, if you are writing about depression, you should indicate that this is one of the most popular mental disorders. If you do not identify the source of depression and do not heal, it can lead to dire consequences, even suicide. In order to prevent such cases, it is necessary to study the causes of depression and how to treat it more carefully.

Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Mental Illness. a man writing a paper

Work through the main part

In the main part, intermediate results of the research are necessarily presented observations are described, and preliminary conclusions are made. In it, you must reflect the methods that you used to produce results. In the main part of the work, state the essence of your discovery, your own facts, ideas and thoughts about this. Maybe your work will contradict the facts known before, analyze the reasons for the discrepancy. Draw conclusions and suggest solutions to the tasks. Your conclusions and patterns, which were set forth in scientific work – this is a step forward on the path to the knowledge of truth.

Follow the consistency of work

After writing the research paper, it is imperative to review and determine whether the logical order, the sequence of the course of the research or thoughts are not disturbed. Keep in mind that a prerequisite for research is the logical, consistent arrangement of parts, as well as your own discoveries and deep conclusions with evidence. The most important thing is to detect and solve the problem of a specific mental illness.

Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Mental Illness. papers

Study the conclusion

In conclusion, you need to summarize your work, pointing out the merits and outlining further actions in the study of mental illness. It is important that no new information or new material appears in the report. The conclusion should be brief, this is a summary of your research paper. It should be written after the completion of your project. We complete the research paper with conclusions. We set out the final results in order. Conclusions should be consistent with the objectives of the study.

Review the literature

Existing opinions on the chosen topic should be included in the literature review. Before you write your review of the literature, divide your sources into groups, in accordance with the provisions of the authors. Make sure you include conflicting opinions and highlight gaps in existing literature. It will make your work exhaustive.

Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Mental Illness. books

Don’t neglect proofreading

The design and proofreading of research paper is the most important part of writing text. Without competent formalization work will not be accepted. Therefore, do not neglect proofreading while writing your academic paper, and give it enough time.

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