How to Pick the Best Electric Shaver for You

electric shaver

Shaving is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish in the daily busy routine for most of the men (of course excluding those who are bearded). Just like females can’t think of going out without a makeup same holds true about shaving for men. Men are using traditional razors, blades, disposable razors with shaving creams since centuries for shaving purposes. Just like all the other walks of life electric shavers have also given a significant shift to the paradigm of shaving and men have more liberty and choice in shaving options than ever before.

Fast moving life of this age definitely is modifying the ways we perform things and shaving is indeed no different. More people prefer using electric shavers because of their versatility, convenience, and time-saving mechanism. There is a huge variety of some of the best electric shavers in the market with different price tags and specifications.

If you need to shift from shaving razors to electric shaver or just want to buy a new shaver, we can help you to pick the best one for your needs.

Main Types of Electric Shavers

There are two main types of electric shavers.

  1. Foil type
  2. Rotary type

Foil type – These types of electric shavers use a foil in between cutting blades and skin, and the blades don’t actually make actual contact with the skin.

  • Applications of Foil type electric Shavers
  • Some uses of foil type electric shavers are.
  • They provide a closer shave
  • Best for daily use
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as the blades don’t make physical contact with it
  • Ideal for fine, small and straight haira man holding an electric shaver

Rotary Type – These types of shavers use rotary cutting blades which cut hair rotating around a central axis in ahead. Multiple sets of heads are used; most of the shavers use a three head combination of rotors.

  • Applications of Rotary type electric Shavers
  • Some of the uses of rotary type electric shavers are.
  • Best suited for occasional shaving routine
  • Can be used for thick, long and coarse hair types
  • These electric shavers are best suited in following hard to shave skin contours
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin but it depends on personal preferences

Some other preferences regarding electric shavers

Besides their mode of operation, there are some different preferences which may be necessary for selecting the best electric shaver for you.


Pricing can be an essential factor so allocate your budget for the electric shaver as there is a vast variety available by different manufacturers in variable price ranges starting from below $50 to well above $200.

Wet and Dry operation

Some electric shavers come with the option of both wet and dry shaving operation and can be used in conjunction with shaving foam or cream. These shavers are easy to wash and rinse, unlike the dry only shavers.

Parts availability

Electric shavers are usually recommended to change the blades one year or else depending upon the usage frequency or manufacturer recommendation. While you choose for an electric shaver, don’t forget to check the availability of replacement parts such as foils, rotary blades or heads, and their price range. Try to choose the electric shaver with easy and low cost after sales parts electric shaver

Power Options

Electric shavers usually come in battery powered, rechargeable battery and mains-plugged-in corded operation power options. Most common in modern shavers is the rechargeable type which is convenient and economical.

Charging time can be from 8-12 hours for most of the shavers, while some expensive ones can be loaded in an hour. Some of the high-end shavers also provide a quick charge time of up to 5 minutes for delivering a quick shave in case you forgot to charge the device and are in urgency.


Most of the electric shavers usually come with a slide-out precision trimmer for occasional trimming needs and some added precision. Some electric shavers provide an option of a dedicated additional trimming attachment for individual personal preferences.

Easy Cleaning

The electric shaver should be easy to clean and maintain. Some shavers come with a brush cleaner, and some have the option of rinsing them clean, but you need to follow the manufacturer instructions regarding cleaning.

Some of the high-end shavers come with a cleaning and charging station which is also sold separately. This cleaning station uses cleaning cartridges or oil for cleaning and therefore cost some extra bucks.shaving


Few of the best electric shavers come with traveling kits and accessories for frequent travelers so if you are one you should be looking for one with these options. These options include quick charging, travel lock, and travel kits.

Some shavers also have user-friendly display screens for showing charging status, battery countdown, travel lock status and blade cleaning status.

Using these tips, you will be able to select a suitable electric shaver for you, and it is recommended to give the shaver a try at the sales outlet to get an idea about the grip, weight, sound, and working of the device.

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