5 Health Benefits of Unsweetened Iced Tea You Need To Know


A good iced tea maker serves a fresh glass of iced tea is one of the best things that could happen to anyone on a hot summer day. Now some people prefer adding sugar to the drink so it tastes better. While the others value these 5 health benefits of unsweetened iced tea more than anything else.

The difference between sweetened and unsweetened iced tea cannot be overlooked. The latter keeps your sugar consumption in check. In fact, it also prevents health issues associated with blood sugar. Let’s find out more, shall we?

5 Health Benefits of Unsweetened Iced Tea

header 1 Low-calorie content

is-unsweet-tea-good-for-weight-lossIs unsweet tea good for weight loss? Unsweetened iced tea helps in losing weight by reducing sugar intake. When you replace high-calorie refreshments like cola, soda, and other sweetened drinks, here’s what happens. This healthy habit cuts down your daily consumption of calories. And that, in turn, helps in losing weight.

Unsweetened iced tea calories are nothing more than two. On the other hand, the sweetened version contains as many as 125 calories. When you switch to unsweetened iced tea, you’re making it easier for your body to maintain the recommended sugar limit. For men, it’s 36 grams. And for women, it’s 24 grams.

header 2 High level of antioxidants

unsweetened-iced-tea-health-benefitsNo one can deny the fact that unsweetened iced tea has a rich content of antioxidants.

Here’s the best part about iced tea, whether made from black or green tea. It holds free-radical eliminating antioxidants. These tea antioxidants help in strengthening bones. Along with offering protection against ruptures and fractures!

Green tea is proven to protect the system from multiple cancers. Including prostate, lung, skin, and breast! Thanks to the presence of catechins. In black tea, these antioxidants take the form of theaflavins. To perform the same function!

So if you opt for unsweetened iced tea instead of drinking sugary beverages, you’re boosting the antioxidants present in the body. That means you’re making a conscious effort to prevent the formation of various health conditions.

header 3 Heart disease prevention

iced-tea-prevents-heart-diseaseHow does iced tea prevent the development of heart problems? Allow me to explain.

What black tea does is rule out the hardening of your arteries. The outcome of which is reducing the chances of suffering from heart attack. Factually, black tea also increases the likelihood of surviving heart conditions.

But how is this possible? Such heart benefits are nothing but a result of an anti-inflammatory character. Antioxidants have that effect on the body. So it’s a huge eye-opener, isn’t it? That green and black tea help in reducing the risks involved with heart disease. By as much as nearly 20 percent!

header 4 Boosts mental alertness

unsweetened-iced-tea-mental-healthNot many people have an understanding of all the 5 health benefits of unsweetened iced tea discussed in here. At least not about this one! So it’s time to get to know the drink and what it can do more thoroughly.

Unsweetened iced tea is a refreshment that contains caffeine. That means the drink can boost mental performance. It has the power to keep your senses alert during your day. While also helping you perform tasks a little more efficiently! This is very useful when you’ve not received adequate rest.

Here’s how caffeine works:

[YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foLf5Bi9qXs]

The moderate stimulating effect goes a long way in improving your mental capacity to take in information. Like memorizing and learning!

A single cup of tea consists of 50 mg of caffeine. Anything between 40 and 400 mg of caffeine is categorized as moderate. And capable enough to improve your mental alertness!

header 5 Manganese Filling

manganese-health-benefitsHere’s another fact that goes unnoticed. Unsweetened iced tea helps in consuming more manganese. 8 ounces of black iced tea provides the body with 520 mg of manganese. And that accounts for at least 23% and 35% of the recommended daily consumption for women and men respectively.

Manganese promotes wound healing and boosts bone health and metabolism. Unsweetened iced tea manganese also has the capacity to activate manganese superoxide dismutase. In simple words, this is an enzyme responsible for preventing tissue damage.

So you can expect a single glass of unsweetened iced tea to offer many health benefits. Such as strengthening bones along with improving heart and immune health! Wound healing, mental alertness, and cancer prevention are also a part of the story here.

Other health benefits that I have not discussed at length include:

  • Hydrating your body.
  • Preventing diabetes.
  • Fighting obesity.
  • Avoiding the damage of cells.
  • Soothing the digestive tract.
  • Stopping gum bleeding.


I didn’t want to talk about the disadvantages of iced tea, the sweetened version. Instead, I chose to discuss the 5 health benefits of unsweetened iced tea. I’d rather convince you to opt for a healthier lifestyle in a positive manner than focus on the negative!

So I hope you found the information useful. And most importantly, I hope I was convincing enough. Throughout the day, you are what you eat. And even drink, in this case. So don’t make unhealthy decisions when it comes to consuming food and beverages. Even if you’re more inclined toward sweetened iced tea, make sure that you keep the consumption in check.

Everything in moderation is never a bad idea. Wouldn’t you agree?

So do you have any delicious unsweetened iced tea recipes to divulge here? If yes, then please do so. I’m sure it will only take a moment.

Thank you for your time. I hope you’ll share the post with fellow moms and come back for more!

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